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University Structure

Lomonosov Moscow State University offers a world class education to everyone with the ability to benefit. Our courses are challenging and rigorous, guided and inspired by our highly qualified academic staff.

Senior Academic and Administrative Officers
  • Governing Bodies and Administration:
  • MSU Academic Council
  • Department for Academic Policy and Degree Programs Management
  • Department for Research Policy and Research Management
  • Department for Innovations, Informatization and International Scientific Cooperation
  • Department for Development, Planning and Further Education
  • International Cooperation Department
  • Manager’s -At–Large Department
  • Department for Educational Standards, Curricula and Syllabi
  • Department for Social Services and Facilities Development
  • Department for Administration and Administration Policy
  • Department of Human Resources and Personnel Policy
  • Department of Safety
  • Protocol Department
  • Capital Construction Department
  • Financial Services
  • General Accounting
  • Audit Services
  • Analytical Department
  • Legal Department
  • MSU Press
  • Massmedia Centre of MSU
  • MSU Broadcasting Office
  • Work Safety Department
  • Emergency Situations Office


MSU Educational Subdivisions



Moscow University Library

MSU Press

MSU Printing Office



  • Kindergarten N 82
  • Summer camp "Yunost"
  • Holiday center "Krasnovidovo"
  • Holiday hotel "Burevestnik"
  • Holiday hotel "Universitetsky"
  • Health Resort
  • Catering Service

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