Календарь конференций
  • 8 – 9 июня


  • 14 – 16 июня

    Международная научная конференция «Греки России: язык, история, культура» (к 270-летнему юбилею МГУ имени М.В. Ломоносова)

  • 15 – 17 сентября

    Всероссийская молодежная школа-конференция «Молекулярные механизмы регуляции физиологических функций»

  • 21 сентября

    Конференция, посвящённая 100-летию со дня рождения Е. Е. Милановского

  • 25 – 26 октября

    Всероссийская междисциплинарная научная конференция «МУЗЕЙ – НАУКЕ» (к 180-летнему юбилею профессора МГУ Д.Н. Анучина и 140-летию организации Музея антропологии)

  • 22 ноября

    Межрегиональная научная студенческая конференция «А. И. Чупров: эпоха, современники, ученики»

  • 23 – 24 ноября

    Международная научная конференция «VIII Соколовские научные чтения: Русская литература в периодических изданиях»

Все конференции
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Deadline on 3 September 2004 for INTAS calls 2004
In 2004, the calls of INTAS, the International Association for the promotion of cooperation with scientists from the New Independent States (NIS) of the former Soviet Union, either address specific scientific & interdisciplinary subjects (thematic calls), or encourage international cooperation with industrial or national partners (collaborative calls with Airbus S.A.S., Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan)

In line with its mission and strategic plans, INTAS officially published on 2 April 2004 its Thematic and Collaborative Calls 2004. While teams from all NIS countries remain eligible to participate, particular attention will be given, wherever possible, to scientists from NIS countries weakly represented in the international research programmes: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. The web based submission system is now open for:

  • INTAS Thematic Call for Proposals for Research Projects and Networks on Information Technology (indicative budget Euro 1 million)
  • INTAS Thematic Call for Proposals for Research Projects and Networks on Position Sensitive Detectors (indicative budget Euro 800,000)
  • INTAS Thematic Call for Proposals for Research Projects and Networks on Transforming Societies: East and West (indicative budget Euro 1.5 million)
  • INTAS Collaborative Call with Airbus for Proposals for Research Projects in the field of Aeronautics (indicative budget Euro 1 million)
  • INTAS Collaborative Call with Kazakhstan for Proposals for Research Projects on Management of Man-made Pollution (indicative budget Euro 1.5 million)
  • INTAS Collaborative Call with Uzbekistan for Proposals for Research Projects on Sustainable Development through the Use of Local Natural Resources and New Technologies (indicative budget Euro 1 million)

In parallel to these calls, the INTAS programme for Young NIS Scientist Fellowships (indicative budget Euro 2.5 million) fosters the mobility of researchers in Europe and enables them to either pursue or start their career in Science. Additionally, special support to promote innovation and marketing of innovative results derived from INTAS funded projects is offered through the INTAS Innovation Grants with an indicative budget of Euro 500,000 for 2004.

The deadline for all the above INTAS calls is 3 September 2004, 13H00 Brussels time.

The General Rules and a Technical Guide on the electronic submission for each of the actions can be obtained on http://www.intas.be, section "Funding Opportunities". For further questions on the INTAS calls 2004, please send an e-mail to infopack@intas.be

For general information about INTAS, please contact the Public Relations Team at intas@intas.be or by fax: +32-2-549 01 56, or check the INTAS web site at http://www.intas.be