Accommodation and campus facilities

Accommodation in MSU dormitories is provided for all international students on a contractual basis subject to availability of vacant rooms. The premises propose comfortable rooms and necessary living facilities – dining rooms, housekeeping complexes, recreation areas, libraries, Wi-Fi access points, sports grounds, and gyms.

Make sure to contact the Faculty before your arrival and arrange the details of your accommodation. At the time of arrival to the hostel, you should have a scanned confirmation letter from the which confirms that you can be accommodated at the dormitory, show it to the dormitory employee at the entrance. After that you will need to go to your floor and find the administrator who will show you the room, give you the keys and bed linen, provide you with safety information and answer your questions. If you need help, feel free to contact any staff member of the dormitory.

Campus facilities

MSU campus is located on 292 thousand square meters-with about 15 thousand undergraduate and postgraduate students, interns and course participants living in 7 dormitories with a selection of single, double, triple or quad rooms. Please, follow the link to get an overview of the place of your stay and study, find the necessary buildings and plan the first days of your stay at Moscow State University.