Application process for international students

To prepare the documents necessary for admission to Moscow State University, please, follow these steps:

  1. Choose an educational program

    To choose an educational program and learn more about admission, please visit the website of MSU Virtual Open Day

  2. Contact the Faculty of your choice

    To check the tuition fees, application deadlines, format and dates of entrance examinations, visa and immigration regulations, please, contact the Faculty:

  3. Prepare the documents for application:
    • Originals or copies of documents on education or/and qualifications (degrees) with a complete list of the subjects mastered and obtained grades:
      • for Bachelor’s (BSс/BA) and Specialist’s programs: originals or copies of documents on general secondary education or a document on secondary vocational education and qualifications, or s document on higher education and qualifications;
      • for Master’s (MSс/MA) programs: original or a copy of a document on higher education and qualifications (not lower than a Bachelor's or a Specialist’s degree);
      • for Postgraduate (PhD, Doctoral) programs: originals or copies of the documents on higher education and a qualification corresponding to the level of a Specialist or Master.
    • Notarized translation into Russian of educational documents and supplements indicating subjects studied, grades and credits received;
    • Copy of a valid passport or a national ID;
    • Documents confirming the name change, if the name on educational documents does not match the name on documents proving the identity;
    • Notarized translation into Russian of the first two pages of the passport / ID and the name change documents;
    • PDF, JPG, PNG or BMP file with applicant’s photo (30*40 mm, black and white or color image is allowed, taken in 2022, strictly full face (straight), without a headdress, the background should be white).

    1) Documents on education received in a foreign state must be legalized, unless otherwise provided by an international treaty of the Russian Federation or the legislation of the Russian Federation. Legalization requirements for different countries are available here.

    2) If you have documents on education or education and qualifications obtained outside of Russia, you have to submit an electronic application for recognizing your education as meeting the requirements for admission to Moscow State University. The service is provided free of charge. Link to online platform for submitting applications for recognition of received education.

    If you have a certificate of recognition of education received abroad issued by Main State Center for Education Evaluation, you do not need to do this step.

    3) Russian translation of education documents and qualifications obtained outside of Russia must be notarized or, alternatively, certified by the Russian Embassy or Consulate in the country where the documents were issued.

  5. Apply for admission

    In 2022, you can apply:

    (1) remotely via MSU online platform or

    (2) by sending the documents by the postal service.

    Submission of documents for the 1st year of Bachelor’s (BSс/BA), Specialist’s, Master’s (MSс/MA) programs for international applicants begins June 15, 2022 and ends:

    • for Bachelor’s and Specialist’s programs — July 10, 2022
    • for Master’s programs — July 20, 2022

    Submission of documents for Postgraduate (PhD, Doctoral) programs:

    • Wave 1: begins June 15, 2022 and ends July 10, 2022
    • Wave 2: begins August 8, 2022 and ends August 22, 2022

    To submit an online application for admission and upload necessary documents, you must register on the MSU online platform. A personal application form for 1st year admissions will be generated for you automatically after filling in all sections of the electronic form. You will need to download it, sign and upload to the system.

    If you want to submit your application by postal service, please, contact the Admissions Office of the Faculty the study program of which you’d like to enroll in and receive personal application form for 1st year admissions from the Admissions Officer. The file with application form will be sent to the email address you provided.

    In the event that educational documents (general secondary education or higher education and qualifications) are to be issued after the deadline for submitting applications for admission to Moscow State University, we may consider receiving an official letter from your educational institution (school/college/university), confirming your graduation in 2022 and stating a clear date of receipt of your education documents/diploma. Please upload the letter instead of educational documents to the MSU online platform.

  6. Pass the entrance examinations

    Enrollment of applicants in Bachelor, Specialist, Master, and Postgraduate (PhD, Doctoral) programs is carried out strictly on a competitive basis based on the results of entrance examinations. In 2022 entrance examinations for foreign citizens will be held:

    • for Bachelor, Specialist, and Master’s programs – REMOTELY in the format of an online interview;

    List of fields of study, educational programs and entrance examinations:

    Please note that to be admitted to the Bachelor and Specialist programs, you have to pass the exam in the subject of specialization (field of study). For Bachelor or Specialist programs, you can use the same exam result for all programs which require this examination ( You can apply for admission both to Bachelor or Specialist programs in the 5 fields of study in 2022.

    Exams to enter Master's program are separate for each educational program. You can apply for admission to an unlimited number of Master's programs in 2022.

    The exact dates of entrance examinations for applicants for the first year of study in Bachelor, Specialist, and Master’s programs will be decided on by the Central Admissions Committee of Moscow State University and announced after June 1, 2022. Entrance examinations for Postgraduate (PhD, Doctoral) programs will be held from 1 to 23 September 2022.

    • Please, check the dates of entrance examinations for a specific educational program at the Faculty of your choice.
    • After the exams please check the results at the Faculty.
  7. Send consent to enrollment to the Faculty of your choice

    Persons with a higher amount of points accumulated for competitive entrance examinations are enrolled in the educational program within the admission quota. If you successfully pass the competition, you will be recommended for enrolment. Representatives of the Faculty will contact you and confirm their readiness to accept you for studying and explain the procedure for your further actions. To confirm your wish to be enrolled, you will need to submit a statement of consent before the deadline.

    If you sent the documents required for admission (documents on education and documents proving the identity) via the online platforms of Moscow State University or, original documents must be submitted to the Admissions Committee of your Faculty upon your arrival to Moscow.

  8. Receive an invitation letter from MSU to enter the Russian Federation on a student visa

    Contact the Visa Application Center or the Embassy/Consulate of the Russian Federation in your country for detailed information on applying for a visa to enter Russia. Issuance of an invitation usually takes from 25 to 45 calendar days, depending on the country of departure. In this regard, we recommend submitting documents in advance in order to receive an invitation from Moscow State University on time.

  9. Check out the guidelines for international students on what to do before arrival, upon arrival and immediately after arrival.
  10. Sign the educational contract with the Faculty
  11. Come study at Moscow State University on September 1, 2022!

    Please keep in touch with International Admissions offices of the Faculty of your choice.

    If you have general questions about admission to MSU, please feel free to contact us by email: