Before and upon arrival

Visit MSU Online portal for international students for support and assistance in formal procedures, arrival to Moscow and living in university campus.

  1. Student visa

    The majority of foreign students enter Russia with a foreign passport and a study visa. To obtain a Russian visa, it is necessary to contact the Russian Embassy or Consulate-General of the Russian Federation. It may take about 45 days to receive a visa. Therefore, we highly recommend obtaining an invitation from Moscow State University and uploading the documents well in advance (for invitation, please, contact the International Office of your Faculty. Please, follow the link for the details and recommendations on getting invitation and visa.

  2. Migration card

    Migration card is an official document required for entering Russia, necessary for further registration and stay in the country. All fields of the migration card (personal, passport and visa details) should be filled out in Russian language. If you do not speak Russian, it is permitted to fill in the data with the letters of the Latin alphabet in full accordance with passport.

    IMPORTANT: in “Purpose of visit” field please, specify "Учеба/Education".

    IMPORTANT: make a copy of your migration card (take a picture on your smartphone) so that you always have this document with you. Make sure to keep your migration card in your passport throughout your stay in Russia. The migration card is handed over to the border control officer when leaving the Russian Federation.

  3. Registration in Moscow

    Within THREE working days after entering Russia, you must be registered at the migration service at the place of your accommodation (i.e., at the address of actual residence). This law applies regardless of whether you entered Russia with the visa issued in accordance with MSU invitation, or on a visa-free basis. The consequences of violating this law are extremely serious up to expulsion from Russia, the imposition of a fine of up to 7,000 roubles and a ban on entry into the Russian Federation for up to three years.

    Please, accurately follow the recommendations on migration registration in Moscow.

    • Staying in MSU dormitory

      On the day of arrival in Russia (or the next day at the latest), please, send an e-mail to the International office of your faculty confirming your arrival at the dormitory; in your letter specify (1) exact address of accommodation (with room #), (2) date of crossing the border, (3) point of crossing the border (for example, Sheremetyevo airport, Domodedovo, etc.); attach readable copies of (1) passport (all pages with stamps and visas including pages with Russian visa and border crossing mark), (2) migration card.

    • Staying in a rented apartment/hostel/with friends or relatives

      The property owner of the apartment you are renting must submit the documents for migration registration to the local office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD), the Multifunctional center "My Documents" (MFC) or the branch of the Russian Post. Please be sure to discuss this issue with the property owner in advance. If you live in a hostel/hotel, the administration of the hostel/hotel must put you on the migration register in accordance with the established procedure.

      IMPORTANT: Please save the registration form on your smartphone. Always carry the registration form and the migration card (until you exit the border of Russia). These documents confirm that you are legally staying in Russia and are registered with the migration authorities.

  4. Medical Insurance

    In accordance with the Regulations on the provision of medical care to foreign citizens studying at Lomonosov Moscow State University (hereinafter referred to as the MSU Regulations), foreign citizens are required to purchase a medical insurance policy that will be valid throughout Russia.

    There are two primary types of health insurance policies:

    • Compulsory health insurance policy (CHI, or ОМС in Russian) can only be issued for citizens of the Russian Federation and foreign citizens permanently or temporarily residing in the Russian Federation (residence permit or a temporary residence permit), as well as foreign citizens carrying out labor activities in the Russian Federation. A compulsory health insurance policy allows to receive medical care free of charge at the expense of the state health insurance program if an insured event occurs. International students who have a compulsory health insurance policy in the Russian Federation are under no obligation to purchase a voluntary health insurance policy (VHI).
    • Voluntary health insurance policy (VHI, or «ДМС» in Russian)
      It can be issued for all categories of citizens. VHI allows you to receive medical care provided for by the selected insurance program in medical organizations which cooperate with the insurance company.

    IMPORTANT: foreign students have to send a copy of the VHI policy (or CHI if available) to the e-mail of the International office of the Faculty within 7 calendar days after crossing the border of Russia.

    For recommendations and the detailed info on medical insurance and healthcare in the campus, please, follow the page:

  5. Accommodation

    Accommodation in MSU dormitories is provided for all international students on a contractual basis subject to availability of vacant rooms. The premises propose comfortable rooms and necessary living facilities – dining rooms, housekeeping complexes, recreation areas, libraries, Wi-Fi access points, sports grounds, and gyms.

    Make sure to contact the Faculty before your arrival and arrange the details of your accommodation. At the time of arrival to the hostel, you should have a scanned confirmation letter from the which confirms that you can be accommodated at the dormitory, show it to the dormitory employee at the entrance. After that you will need to go to your floor and find the administrator who will show you the room, give you the keys and bed linen, provide you with safety information and answer your questions. If you need help, feel free to contact any staff member of the dormitory.

  6. Campus facilities

    MSU campus is located on 292 thousand square meters-with about 15 thousand undergraduate and postgraduate students, interns and course participants living in 7 dormitories with a selection of single, double, triple or quad rooms. Please, follow the link to get an overview of the place of your stay and study, find the necessary buildings and plan the first days of your stay at Moscow State University.

  7. Rough estimate costs

    Expenses for living, accommodation and learning can be estimated as follows:

    • A preparatory course of Russian language and major subjects at the Institute of Russian Language and Culture (if necessary) – $ 6000;
    • Faculty tuition fee — upwards of 385550 RUR per year (full time, depending on program and Faculty);
    • Cost of accommodation in the students' hostel — averagely 13000 RUR per month depending on living conditions;
    • Medical insurance — averagely 18000 RUR per year, depending on issuing organization;
    • Expenditures on translation and legalization of the academic documents;
    • Food, transportation and leisure – starting from 10000 RUR per month.

    Please, stay in contact with representatives of the International Office of your Faculty.

    May you have any questions regarding application and admission process and requirements, please contact us by sending an e-mail to