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Exploration for Mineral Deposits

3D modeling of ore deposits and computer calculation of ore reserves

Mail119991, Russian Federation, Moscow, MSU, Lenin Hills 1, the Central Building, the Faculty of Geology, 5 floor, room 503
Telephone+7 (495) 939-34-09
Fax+7 (495) 939-88-89


Students are trained in operating advanced international software Datamine Studio, Micromine, Surpac and NPV Scheduler used for modeling ore deposits, calculation of reserves and optimization of  future mine. The course includes the following sections.

  1. Operating data bases. Data input. Correction of data before modelling.
  2. Opening resulting file of drill holes.
  3. Compiling and correction of legend; filters. Compositing. Treating of unusual samples.
  4. Using View Control orders, Viewer. Choosing projections.  Producing cross sections and plans. SET Cliping and ADJUST PLANE orders.
  5. Methods of ore bodies delineation. Compiling model of the surface (Digital Terrain Model).
  6. Variants of compositing procedures. Introduction into wireframe technology (String Linking. wf-merge, wf-union, wf-intersection, wf-difference). Observation of results in Datamine Studio.
  7. Block modeling. Prototype models (Protom process), defining size and shape of low-level cells. Wirefill, Trifil processes. Combining models with the use of Addmod process.
  8. Methods of calculations of resources and amounts of stripping. Команды Copy and Extra orders. TONGRADE process.
  9. Principles of geostatistics. Variants of kriging. Theoretical models of variograms.
  10. Methods of compiling variograms. VGRAM and VARFIT processes.
  11. Interpolation methods on the base of kriging, KRG3DB and Estimate processes. Introduction into Cross Validate and Variogram Contours, SMU processes.
  12. Calculation of cut-of-grade. Design of open pit. Stages of open pit mining (pushbacks). Mining schedule. Estimation of NPV, internal rate of return and other indexes.

Duration – 1 month.

Author: Associate Professor Yuri Malyutin.

Chair of geology, geochemistry and economics of mineral deposits.

Faculty of Geology, Moscow State University