Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts Summer School

MailFaculty of Art (MSU), Russian Federation, Moscow, Bol'shaya Nikitskaya St. 3/1.
Telephone+7 (985) 240-44-14


Faculty gives an opportunity to study in summer school for international students and participate in training courses / training sessions / training workshops during the year. Practical disciplines are taught: solo singing, fundamentals of vocal technique, solfeggio, piano, elementary theory of music, harmony, vocal ensemble; painting: composition, landscape, still life, portrait; drawing: objectless composition, picture and text, composition on the plane, object form in the environment, form and light, human body forms, color and tone. Theoretical disciplines are taught: integrated art studies, applied arts, non-applied arts, semiotics of art, cultural studies, criticism and expert analysis of works of art, sociology of art.

Our training program is a dynamic combination of up to the minute performance techniques and traditional values with a considerable theatre heritage at its base. There is a strong focus on discipline, which plays an undeniably vital role in success and employability.

Some lectures are delivered in English; besides, reach media are heavily provided which help greatly to learn at minimal level TRKI-1.

Summer school fee – 30 000 rubles per month.

Take your first steps towards training for your chosen career in the performing arts.