Mail119991, Moscow, Leninskiye Gory 1, bld. 51, Faculty of Biotechnology, Moscow State University
Telephone+7 (495) 939-33-25

The Faculty was established at MSU to produce world class experts in biotechnology.

Dean of Faculty - Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Anatoly Ivanovich Miroshnikov.

The purpose of the faculty is to train experts in area of biotechnology who will have skills to do research and to obtain knowledge about the exploitation of biotechnological objects: microorganisms, animal and plant cell cultures, bioactive substances from engineering under laboratory conditions to large scale production technologies.

Faculty educational programme unites fundamental and practical technical training in a joint venture of Moscow State University with Pushchino Research Center, Russian Academy of Sciences.

Our Integrated Master’s Programme in Biology track includes the following specializations:

  • General and applied biotechnology
  • Molecular biotechnology
  • Photobiotechnology
  • Experimental biomedicine

Faculty curriculum includes both fundamental and applied disciplines in the following courses:

  • biotechnological - biotechnology, industrial microbiology, industrial biotechnology, molecular and cellular biotechnology, kinetics of biotechnological processes;
  • economic - the economics of bio-industry sector
  • legal - intellectual property protection
  • technical - applied physics, engineering drawing, processes and apparatus of biotechnological sector.

Mastering the faculty educational programme will allow future experts to apply acquired skills in research laboratories as well as in modern biotechnological production.

BSc Degree

Biology (General and applied biotechnology) (4 years).Tuition fees – 325 000 rubles per year

MSc Degree

  • Molecular biotechnology (2 years). Tuition fee – 325 000 rubles per year.
  • General and applied biotechnology (2 years). Tuition fee – 325 000 rubles per year.
  • Photobiotechnology (2 years). Tuition fee – 325 000 rubles per year.
  • Experimental biomedicine (2 years). Tuition fee – 325 000 rubles per year.