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Mail119991, Moscow, Russia, Leninskie Gory 1/52, Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics 2nd educational building
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Mail119991, Moscow, Russia, Leninskie Gory 1/52, Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics 2nd educational building
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The Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics of Lomonosov Moscow State University (CMC MSU) was founded in 1970. The world famous mathematician Andrey Nikolaevich Tikhonov was the founder and the first Dean of the Faculty in 1970–1990. In 1990–1999, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) Dmitry Pavlovich Kostomarov was the second Dean of the Faculty. Since 1999, Academician of RAS Evgeny Ivanovich Moiseev has been the Dean of the Faculty.

Nowadays, the Faculty is a world leading training centre in the field of on Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. The Faculty comprises 19 departments and 16 scientific laboratories. More than 600 members of the staff, including about 300 professors and University teachers, more than 200 researchers, scientific and supporting staff work at the faculty. The training and scientific staff are highly qualified specialists, among them there are 15 Full Members (Academicians) of RAS and 13 Corresponding Members of RAS, more than 130 Doctors of Science and 240 Ph.D. There are more than 340 B.Sc., 280 M.Sc., and 70 Ph.D. enrolled students each year. Since 1970, the Faculty has been training specialists for the foreign countries, the total number of the foreign graduates is currently more than 1000, there are more than 100 foreign students from 14 countries now.

CMC MSU is a unique place for study, research, and collaboration. The Faculty is targeted on preparing elite specialists in Applied Mathematics, Informatics, and Computer Sciences. CMC MSU departments incorporate a broad range of curricular and research interests. The diverse selection of majors enables students to gain in-depth knowledge, acquire practical skills and professional competencies while developing an understanding of the broad reach of the discipline. There are more than 30 Bachelor (4 years), Master (2 years), and Ph.D. (3-4 years) programmes that cover the majority of modern directions in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. Teaching of mathematical and computer science disciplines and scientific research at CMC MSU are based on utilizing of a wide range of modern computer facilities: Supercomputer BlueGene/P, 7 computer Labs for common purposes, 15 special computer Labs, about 350 computers for students, Multimedia  rooms and Multimedia Centre, 40 servers, 40 Tb data warehouse, and free WiFi.

After completing the curriculum and passing the final qualification exams each CMC MSU student is awarded the Diploma with bilingual (Russian and English) Supplement. The Supplement follows the model developed by the European Commission, Council of Europe and UNESCO/CEPES and contains the information on the education level, qualification (degree), specialization, description of the full-time courses and results gained, Credits (Academic hours) and Marks, etc.

CMC MSU holds a number of annual international conferences and schools: International Summer Supercomputing Academy, Rome-Moscow School on Matrix Methods and Applied Linear Algebra, International Conference on Computer Graphics and Vision (GraphiCon), Moscow Summer Academy on Economic Growth and Governance of Natural Resources, etc. The Faculty is involved in active cooperation with the leading international IT companies: Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Embarcadero, SAP AG, Cisco Systems, NVIDIA, Samsung, MSC Software GmbH, and others. A number of vendor certified courses are given for teachers and students at the CMC MSU Training Center.

CMC MSU represents both the long-time traditions of Lomonosov Moscow State University with its maturity and experience and the hopes of the newer generation with its vision toward the Future. The high qualification of CMC MSU staff and the combination of deep theoretical and practical experience in projects and grants elaboration ensure that CMC MSU graduates are welcome at the world IT corporations and research centers, Universities, banks, insurance and investment companies, etc.


BSc Degree

  1. Applied Mathematics and  Computer Science (4 years, 240 ECTS). Tuition fees for Bachelor Degree – 325 000 rubles per year. 1st stage of continuous curricula of integrated  Program (BS+MS) including 21 profile programs (trajectories).
  2. Fundamental Informatics and Information Technologies (4 years, 240 ECTS). Tuition fees for Bachelor Degree – 325 000 rubles per year. Bologna-style Program.  

MSc Degree

  1. Applied Mathematics and  Computer Science (2 years, 120 ECTS). Tuition fees for Master Degree – 325 000 rubles per year
    1. Mathematical and computational methods for solving problems of natural science:
      • Computing technologies and modeling
      • Spectral theory of differential operators and control of distributed systems
      • Numerical methods and mathematical modeling
      • Computer methods in mathematical physics, inverse problems and imaging
      • Modern methods of mathematical modeling
    2. Mathematical methods of information processing and decision making:
      • Operations research and actuarial mathematics
      • Discrete structures and algorithms
      • Discrete controlling systems and their applications
      • Statistical analysis and forecasting of risks
      • Information security of computer systems
      • The theory of nonlinear dynamical systems: analysis, synthesis and control
      • Mathematical methods of modeling and optimization techniques for control processes
      • Logical and combinatorial methods of data analysis
      • Mathematical methods of system analysis, dynamics and control
    3. System programming and computer science:
      • Intelligent systems
      • Big data mining
      • Compiler technology
      • Programming technology
      • Supercomputer systems and applications
      • Distributed systems and computer networks
      • Quantum Informatics
  2. Bologna-style Master Programs (2 years, 120 ECTS). Tuition fees for Master Degree – 325 000 rubles per year:
    • Software for computer networks
    • Mathematical and information software for economic activity
    • Mathematical and program software for information protection
    • Parallel programming technology and high performance computing
    • Applied Internet technologies
    • Big data: infrastructures and methods of problems solving
    • Open information systems

Postgraduate programs

Candidate of Science (PhD) in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (3-4 years). Tuition fee – 261 600 rubles per year

  1. 01.06.01 Mathematics and mechanics.
    • 01.01.02 – Differential equations, dynamical systems, and optimal control (4 years full-time)
    • 01.01.05 – Probability theory and mathematical statistics (4 years full-time)
    • 01.01.09 – Discrete mathematics and mathematical cybernetics (4 years full-time)
  2. 02.06.01 Computer and information science.
    • 01.01.07 – Computational mathematics (3 years full-time)
  3. 09.06.01 Informatics and computer systems.
    • 05.13.11 – Mathematical and program software for computing systems and computer networks (4 years full-time)
    • 05.13.18 – Mathematical modeling, numerical methods, and program packages (4 years full-time)
  4. 10.06.01 Information Security.
    • 05.13.19 – Methods and systems of information protection, information security (4 years full-time)