Mail119991, Russian Federation, Moscow, MSU, Lenin Hills 1-46, room 233
Telephone+7 (495) 939-25-67
WWWhttp://www.econ.msu.ru/international/fs/, http://www.econ.msu.ru/entrance/#top

Vice-dean for International relations:

MrOleg Buklemishev

Head of Projects Department:

MsMaria Ulyanova

Mobility Coordinators:

MsAnastasia Leonova
MsTatiana Konovalova
MsAlla Vartanyan
E-mailvartanyan@econ.msu.ru , all.vartanyan@yandex.ru


Faculty of Economics is the biggest of 40 faculties of MSU (about 2300 bachelor students and 650 master students). The Faculty was the first in Russia to be transformed to a three-level education system. In addition to the staff, leading Russian economists from think tanks, government, businesses and foreign professors teach and do research at the Faculty.

The Faculty of Economics is made up of 21 departments, 19 laboratories and 23 research and educational centers. The Faculty’s activities make an important contribution to the development of economic research and are aimed at theoretical assessment of both current and long-term challenges of the global economy and at preparing scenarios and strategies.

The Faculty has well-established contacts with 47 universities in 21 countries.

Exchange students who come from one of our partner universities within an international exchange program receive support from the International Relations Office.

As an exchange student from our partner universities chosen to study at the Faculty of Economics, you are free to put together your own individual schedule for your semester at MSU. The program is available only in the beginning of semester.

Academic semesters:
Fall semester - 01 September – 25 January
Spring semester - 07 February – 30 June
Application deadlines for admission:
15 June for the Fall semester
15 November for the Spring semester

Student who does not speak Russian or who wants to develop his (her) skills can attend Russian courses. Additionally we offer some courses in English.

BSc Degree

  1. Economics – 380 000 rubles per year
  2. Management – 390 000 rubles per year

Courses for exchange bachelor level students:

  • Cross-Cultural Communications in Business
  • Economic History
  • Free Economic Zones and Offshore Territories
  • Introduction to Organization Economics
  • International Economics
  • Management
  • Technical Analysis
  • International Financial Reporting Standards
  • International Tax Planning
  • Labor Economics
  • Marketing Principles and Decisions
  • Organizational Behavior
  • International Macroeconomic Statistics
  • International Business Law
  • Theory of Finance
  • Financial Markets
  • Economics and Environmental Management

MSc Degree

  1. Economics – 360 000 rubles per year
    • Public Policy and Regulation
    • Institutional Economics
    • Cognitive Economics
    • Mathematical Methods in Economic Analysis
    • International Economics
    • Economics of the Social Sphere
    • Financial Economics
    • Economic Theory
    • Economics of Entrepreneurship
  2. Management – 365 000 rubles per year
    • Accounting and Audit
    • Innovation Management
    • Marketing
    • International Business and Development (two degree certificates program)
    • International Financial Reporting Standards
    • Management in Biotechnology
    • Project Management
    • Risk Management and Insurance
    • Corporat and Financial Management

MSc level courses

(in English from various Master programs):

1st trimester (September-December)

  • Currency Regulation
  • International Marketing Research
  • Theory of Contracts
  • Special Economic Zones and Offshore Territories (advanced)
  • Venture Finance
  • Financial Innovations and Derivatives
  • International Financial Reporting Standards-II
  • International Marketing
  • International Financial Markets
  • Islamic Finance

2nd trimester (January-March)

  • Personnel Management
  • International Business
  • International Tax Systems
  • International Marketing
  • International Communications and Leadership

3rd trimester (April-June)

  • Corporate Finance
  • Organizational Behavior
  • New Venture Development
  • International Marketing
  • Islamic Finance

Postgraduate programs

Tuition fees for Postgraduate programs students – 262 000 rubles per year

  1. Economic Theory (08.00.01)
  2. National Economy`s Governance (08.00.05)
  3. Finance and Credit (08.00.10)
  4. Accounting and Statistics (08.00.12)
  5. Mathematical and Instrumental Methods in Economic Analysis (08.00.13)
  6. International Economics (08.00.14)