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Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) is one of Russia’s most historic and prestigious university institutions. It’s ranked as one of  BRICS’s top  universities (top 3,Times Higher Education BRICS & Emerging Economies Rankings 2015).

Our faculty developed collaborative relationships with a range of  national  and international institutions (more than 600 leading universities in Europe, Asia and North America).Among our key partners are Beijing Institute of Technology, Carlow University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Sichuan University, State University of New York , Univerzitet Crne Gore (Montenegro),   University of Pisa (Università di Pisa), and Chinese company Perfect World Co., Ltd.

Key facts:

  • Flexible programs tailored to your requirements.
  • Outstanding research-driving teaching.
  • Creativity as the central theme.
  • Excelent career opportunities.
  • International reputation for academic approach and innovative thought.
  • World-wide recognized diploma.

Our motto is “Improvements for better life”.

Faculty educates bachelors, Masters and postgraduate students in according to the state educational program by the Ministry of Education and Science, the Russian Federation. New conception of training for future artists is the goal of educational program. It provides as a synthesis of both classic university education, in the field of the theory and history of arts, and practical education of creative specialists in art area. Highly qualified specialists and great representatives of Russian culture (Peoples and Honoured Artists of the Russian Federation) are involved in educational process.

Our faculty strives to bring a holistic vision of the world to our students. Understanding the laws and forms of its reflection in art, possessing basic skills of creating pieces of arts our graduate students are able to examine it professionally, and carry on expert and consulting work in art area.

Our students have unique possibilities to practice at the best theatres and concert halls in Russia, attending famous exhibitions, galleries, museums and participating in cooperative events with leading representatives of modern cultural space.

Teaching in Russian language. Regarding to teaching peculiarities of applied art minimal level required TRKI-1 (approx A2 level, CEFB classification).

BSc Degree

4 years

Tuition fee - 350 000 rubles per year

Department of semiotics and theory of arts:

  1. Theory of art
  2. Drawing and pictorial art

Research skills and individual interests are developed through an academic dissertative plans and developed with individual supervision.

Department of theatrical art:

  1. Performing Arts (Musical)
  2. Pedagogy of Classical Dance
  3. Pedagogy of Ballroom Dance
  4. TV and Radio program presenting

Our Department of theatrical art  provides an exceptional training for anyone who wants a long career in professional musical theatre, TV and Radio program presenting ,both in Classical Dance and Ballroom Dance.

Department of  Musical Art:

  1. Classical Singing
  2. Special Piano Playing

The BA music combines the development of practical skills with the study of the theory and history of music practice and its social and cultural contexts. Research work is carried out with the support of individual supervisers.

MSc Degree

2 years

Tuition fee - 350 000 rubles per year

  1. General theory of arts
  2. Realistic Drawing
  3. Performing Arts (Musical)

It is an innovative program designed by practitioners and offers you an opportunity to make theatre ,dance and live performance work under the supervision and guidance of acclaimed expert staff and committed to make making performance matter.You will propose a scheme of work in a specific area of performance –dance, theatre etc. and work under supervision to develop creative skills and capabilities, collaboratively with a diverse range of performance communities.

Postgraduate program

Full-time studies – 3 years.

Tuition fee – 262 000 rubles per year.

17.00.09 “Theory and History of Art”.

For a list of our postgraduate taught programs and research degrees, please visit www.arts.msu.ru