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Faculty of Fundamental Physical-Chemical Engineering (Physics and Chemistry Faculty) was established in 2006. Faculty consists of 2 departments: "Engineering Chemical Physics" and "Engineering Solid State Physics".

The main implementation features of the program are:
combination of fundamental training in mathematics and profound interdisciplinary training in subjects of chemical and physical cycles;
continuous research workshop of the graduate at the Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences and at the Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis of the Russian Academy of Sciences on the basis of the individual plot formalized within the limits of term project execution, with the chosen scientific activity profile taken into account;
analogues free training courses lectures (including synergy fundamentals, dynamic methods in chemical physics, contemporary chemical engineering, chemical physics of new materials) and workshops performed on unique scientific equipment.

As a result of educational program mastering the graduate is prepared for research and organization-administrative activity, is ready to achieve adequate results demanded by modern promptly varying hi-tech inhabitancy, modern sociocultural norms and axiological guidelines system of the society.

Professional activity sphere of the graduate, in particular, includes research strategy planning, organization and conduct of experimental and theoretical research in physical chemistry on the basis of modern scientific research technique with the use of knowledge from the sections of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, technology, production engineering and innovation, interaction with scientific community members in professional activity, information retrieval work for the purpose of expansion, enrichment and actualization of professional knowledge.

Specialist Degree Program

Fundamental and applied chemistry (6 years). Tuition fee - 325 000 rubles per year

BSc Degree

Applied mathematics and physics (4 years). Tuition fee - 325 000 rubles per year

MSc Degree

Applied mathematics and physics (2 years).  Tuition fee - 325 000 rubles per year

Graduate school

4 years. Tuition fee - 261600 rubles per year.

  1. Physics of condensed conditions
  2. Physical chemistry