International Office:
Mail119991, GSP-1, Moscow, Leninskie gory, house 1, buildings 13-14 (4th education building), room 402 Б
Telephone+7 (495) 939-02-79

Master course department:
Mail119991, GSP-1, Moscow, Leninskie gory, house 1, buildings 13-14 (4th education building), rooms 406Б and 410Б
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The faculty of law is the biggest educational centre which prepares highly qualified specialists in the field of law. It is the oldest faculty whose history dates back to the time when the University was founded in 1755.

Today the faculty of law is a leading higher learnig institution in the field of law education. The faculty teachers are well – known scholars who combine theoretical studies with practical work, conduct intensive research in various fields of science of law, take an active part in improving the system of Russian legislation. They also provide scientific cosultation on law issues to different government bodies and international organisatins and participate in development of numerous bills.

The faculty offers all necessary facilities to train highly qualified lawyers in the sphere of “juresprudence”.

More than 110 candidates and more than 60 doctors of law teach at the faculty.

Well – known scholars and practical specialsts from scientific centres and government bodies are invited to give lectures in particular subjects.

Through programmes for international cooperation the faculty can invite professors from Germany, the USA and other countries to conduct classes and specialized courses.

Stucture of the faculty

16 departments constitute the stucture of the faculty:

  1. The department of administrative law
  2. The department of civil law
  3. The department of civil process
  4. The department of foreign languages
  5. The department of history of state and law
  6. The department of commercial law and fundamentals of jurisprudence
  7. The department of constitutional and municipal law
  8. The department of criminalistics
  9. The department of international law
  10. The department of enterpreneurial law
  11. The department of history of state and law and political science
  12. The department of employment law
  13. The department of criminal law and criminology
  14. The department of criminal process, legal proceedings and public prosecutor’s supervision
  15. The department of financial law
  16. The department of ecological and land law

BSc Degree

  • Public law (4 years). Tuition fee — 385 000 rubles per year.
  • Civil law (4 years). Tuition fee — 385 000 rubles per year.
  • Criminal law (4 years). Tuition fee — 385 000 rubles per year.

MSc Degree

Public law (2 years). Tuition fee — 340 000 rubles per year

  • Collective subjects of administrative law
  • History of State and Law and comparative law
  • Constitution and legal problems of organization of state and  municipal authority in the Russian Federation
  • International economical (commercial) law
  • WTO and regional integration associations (EU and Eurasian   Economical  Union)
  • Tax administration, tax consulting and protection of a taxpayer

Civil law (2 years). Tuition fee — 340 000 rubles per year

  • Master of private law
  • Civil and administrative legal proceedings
  • Contractual regulation in commercial activity
  • Commercial (trade) law
  • Competitive law
  • Corporative law
  • Legal support of business activity (Law and Business)
  • Legal regulation of insolvency (bankruptcy)
  • Labour, state, business: legal aspects of interaction

  • Legal regulation of land use and creation of real estate objects

Criminal law (2 years). Tuition fee — 340 000 rubles per year

  • Criminalistics in law enforcement procedure
  • Criminal law and criminology; penitentiary law
  • Criminal procedure, judicial authority, public prosecution,    advocacy

Postgraduate programs

Training period:
Full-time post-graduate- 3 years
part-time post-graduate- 4 years

Tuition fee — 310 000 rubles per year

12.00.01 - Theory and history of state and law;  History of doctrines about the law and state
12.00.02 - Constitutional law; Constitutional litigation; Municipal law
12.00.03 - Civil law; Business law; Family law; Privateinternational law
12.00.04 - Financial law; Tax law; Budget law
12.00.05 - Labor law; Social security law
12.00.06 - Land law; Natural resources law; Agricultural law; Environmental law
12.00.0 - Corporate law; Energy law
12.00.08 - Criminal law and criminology; Penitentiary law
12.00.09 - Criminal proceedings
12.00.10 - International Law; European law
12.00.11 - Judicial activities; Prosecution services; Human rights and law-enforcement activity
12.00.12 - Criminalistics; Forensic and  expert activity; Operational-search activity
12.00.14 - Administrative law; Administrative process
12.00.15 - Civil process; Arbitration process

Practical training

Trainees do practical training according to the individual plans in the one of the department of the faculty

20000 rubles a month

Training period — from 1 to 10 months