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Admission to the Faculty of Psychology at Moscow State University is via entrance tests, which are open to all who can present the necessary high school qualifications and who have passed additional written exams in Biology or Social Studies. Applicants who have not passed or taken the entrance test for state-funded study at the Faculty may be considered for admission on a contractual (fee-paying) basis. The Faculty also hosts the Lomonosov Psychology competition for school students. The winners and medalists at the competitions are admitted to the Faculty for subsidized study.

Study at the Faculty is undertaken in specialist departments: Psychology of Work Activities, Clinical Psychology and Psychology and Pedagogy of Deviant Behaviour. The Faculty offers Specialist Degree programs (6 years) and Master’s Degree programs (2 years).

Students at the Moscow State University Faculty of Psychology are obliged to study two foreign languages: English, for five years, plus two years’ study of the second foreign language (chosen by the student. Options include German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, and Arabic). Students at the Faculty of Psychology may undertake courses at one of MSU’s partner universities (located in the UK, Japan, Ireland, the USA, France, Germany, Finland and elsewhere). Graduates may also apply for the EuroPsy certificate.

The Faculty will consider applications from foreign nationals.

Admission to Master's Degree programs is via two written entrance tests: a written Psychology test and a written foreign language test. Applicants who pass the entrance tests but nonetheless fail to secure state-funded placement may be granted study on a fee-paying basis. The Faculty will consider applications from foreign nationals

The duration of Master’s Degree programs is 2 years (daytime study), or 2.5 years (evening study).

The Faculty of Psychology offers joint Master's Degree programs with a number of foreign universities: including London City University (UK), Paris-10 University, Lyon-2 University (France), New York State University (Buffalo, NY, USA), and Peking University (China).

Department: Psychology of Work Activities includes the following Specialist Degree programs:

  • Organizational Counselling
  • Psychology of Negotiations and Conflict Resolution
  • Psychology of Cognition and Functioning of the Subject
  • Development and Learning Psychology
  • Mediapsychology
  • Socio-Psychological Support of Professional Activity

Department:  Clinical Psychology includes the following Specialist Degree programs:

  • Clinical Psychophysiology
  • Neuropsychology and Clinical-Psychological Rehabilitation
  • Psychopathology. Psychosomatics. Psychology of Abnormal Development
  • Sports Psychology
  • Psychology of Extreme and Emergency Situations
  • Psychotherapy, Psychoanalytic Psychology and Counselling

Department: Pedagogy and Psychology of Deviant Behavior includes the following Specialist Degree program:

  • Psychological Consultation in the Educational Environment

MSc Degree

Courses (daytime and evening) are available in the following areas:

  • Clinical-Psychological Rehabilitation of Cognitive and Emotional Processes
  • Organizational Psychology
  • Psychoanalytic Psychology, Psychoanalytic Counselling and Psychotherapy (evening only)
  • Health Psychology (evening only)
  • Psychology of Negotiations
  • Sports Psychology
  • Psychophysiology (daytime only)
  • Family Psychology and Family Counselling (evening only)
  • Social Psychology
  • Social Developmental Psychology (daytime only)
  • Theoretical and Experimental Psychology (daytime only)
  • Economic Psychology

Postgraduate Studies

The Faculty offers Ph. D. programs for graduate students in 8 areas of study. The duration of postgraduate courses is three years (on-campus study) or four years (extramural). The Faculty will consider applications from foreign nationals.

Studies for those who have completed higher education. The Faculty offers courses for students who have completed higher education. Enrolment is conditional upon the applicant having passed an entrance examination. The Faculty will consider applications from foreign nationals who wish to enroll in evening courses.

Additional studies. The Faculty conducts professional retraining programs and advanced training for those who have completed higher education. Courses are in the form of evening classes and last from 2 months to 2 years, depending on the course. These courses are provided on a contractual (fee-paying) basis.