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Lomonosov Moscow State  University Graduate School of Innovative Business  (Corporate University) was founded in 2006.

The mission of the Graduate School of Innovative Business is to prepare highly skilled experts in the field of natural resources’ management for the enterprises of fuel and energy complex, geological-geophysical exploration of oil and gas deposits, and also in the field of chemical processing of hydrocarbon raw material. Graduate School unites the resources of different faculties of the University and adapts the classical university educational programms to the changing needs of economics.

Graduate School offers Master Degree programms, MBA programms and short-term courses.

MSc Degree

2 years. Tuition fees – 300 200 rubles per year

  1. MSc Degree in Geology
    • Geological-geophysical exploration of oil and gas fields
    •  Geological-geophysical exploration and modelling of hydrocarbons fields (training is carried out in English language)
  2. MSc Degree in Management
    • Natural resources management
  3. MSc Degree in Chemistry
    • Chemical processing of hydrocarbon raw material

MBA programs:

  • Entrepreneurship and management of the company – 360 000 rubles per year
  • Strategic Management and Innovation Entrepreneurship – 360 000 rubles per year