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The Higher School of Modern Social Sciences (faculty) (VSHSSN) was established in 2006. Head of VSHSSN is the outstanding scientist, sociologist and philosopher Gennady Vasilievich Osipov, Ph.D., Professor, full member (academician) of the Russian Academy of Sciences /RAS/. Director of the Institute of Socio-Political Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ISPR RAS); President of the Russian Academy of Social Sciences (RASS); member of RAS Social Sciences Department Bureau; President of the Eurasian International Association; member of the Scientific Council of the Russian Security Council; Honorary President of the Russian Sociological Association. Academician G. Osipov was the first to initiate sociological research in the USSR and stood behind the first Soviet sociological journal Sotsialnye issledovaniya (Social research) published since 1967. He made a major contribution to the development of theoretical and methodological basis of scientific analysis of the socio-political situation in Russia with due regard for foreign sociological thought.

Modern Social Sciences studies social, political economic, and cultural aspects of human life. It provides a challenging alternative to some of the more traditional courses offered. The Higher School was founded in 2006 in recognition of the need for interdisciplinary understanding of fundamental issues and problems confronting contemporary societies. The name for the faculty “Modern Social Sciences” introduces undergraduates to world-leading science, forefront of international scholarship and research, latest scientific literature. It offers undergraduates a unique learning experience through the tutorial system and leading scientists’ master-classes. Central disciplines include Sociology of knowledge, Economy of knowledge, Social management, Social control, State audit, Translation of the professional text. It contains interdisciplinary approach application in the process of training. The study of various interdisciplinary subjects such as Social demography, Social geography, Sociology of history, Mathematical methodology in sociology, Social anthropology etc. integrated within a framework of human diversity and sustainability, should enable the human scientist to develop professional competencies suited to address numerous multidimensional human problems. It involves undergraduates into research work, based on close to real Russian life situations modelling, e.g. overcoming ethno political and social conflicts, social management during crisis, control over resources etc. To keep up with constantly changing social circumstances undergraduates are taught to appropriately react to permanently emerging social, economic and political challenges; to address modern Russian society management current issues; to be able to assess possible social, economic and political decision-taking effects.

Undergraduate students at the VSHSSN faculty are taught by leading scientists from the Academy of Russian Sciences and the best staff and researchers from Lomonosov MSU, leaders and representatives of state and legislative bodies, leading Russian companies. Among them Academicians Osipov G. V., Stepin V.S., Makarov V.L., Corresponding Member Shultz V.L.

Our programmes of study aim to make students think logically, laterally and independently. The faculty encourages questioning spirit, quality and depth of provision across all subjects, the close inter-relationship between teaching, scholarship, and research, strong support for individual researchers as well as research groups, education which enhances the ability of students to learn throughout life.

We provide the opportunities for broadening the experience of students and staff through participation in sport and various cultural activities.

BSc Degree

  1. Sociology (4 years). Tuition fee– 325 000 rubles per year
  2. Management (4 years). Tuition fee– 325 000 rubles per year

MSc Degree

Tuition fee 325 000 rubles

The Master’s degree training programs include:

  • Sociology of knowledge
  • Sociology of management
  • Corporate management

These courses are taught using regular master-classes by leading scientists and experts. They focus on giving students a wide range of opportunities of taking part in active and interactive training activities, such as: competitive business games, cases, trainings, disputes and discussions, teleconferences etc. High emphasis is placed on teaching advanced foreign languages and giving lectures and tutorials on some subjects in a foreign language. The training courses involve traineeship, pre-graduation internship program and participation in research work as well.

Postgraduate programs

Social sciences (Sociology of management). Tuition fee 262, 000 rubles