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The School of State Audit was founded in 2006. The main objective of the School of State Audit is to train highly-qualified professionals who combine profound knowledge of law and economics with professional competence in making and implementing management decisions. Sound theoretical knowledge our students receive in combination with practical knowledge and professional skills allow them to become highly-demanded state audit specialists. Students implement their theoretical knowledge and acquire practical skills during their work placements in the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation and in control and accounting organs of the subjects of the Russian Federation. The main principle of our tuition is a comprehensive approach based on the combination of educational, scientific, innovative and intellectual potential of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Moscow State University and the interrelation of academic activity, research and students’ work in class. Our graduates are employed by the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation, regional and local control and accounting agencies in the executive branch of the government. Young professionals who have good command of the newest techniques of financial control and value-for-money auditing are also hired by large corporations and auditing firms. Students at the School of State Audit are to pay tuition fees. Full-time (day time) Bachelor’s Program students study for four years, full-time (day time) Master’s Program students study two years.

BSc Degree

Law  (4 years). Tuition fee– 325 000 rubles per year 


  • Finance Law
  • Economic Crime Inquiry

Economics  (4 years). Tuition fee– 325 000 rubles per year 


State and Municipal Audit

MSc Degree

Law (2 years). Tuition fee– 325 000 rubles per year


  • Financial Investigations
  • Financial Security
  • Legal Regulation of State management and audit
  • Cyber Law and Information Security

State Audit (2 years). Tuition fee– 325 000 rubles per year


Corporate Crisis Management

Postgraduate programs:

Tuition fees for Postgraduate programs students – 262 000 rubles per year

  • Finance Law; Tax Law; Budget Law
  • Information Law
  • Administrative Law; Administrative Procedure
  • Judicial Activity; Public procecutor’s  Activity; Advocacy and Law enforcement Activities