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Full-time (day time) Bachelor’s Program students study for four years, full-time (day time) Master’s Program students study two years.

Since 2011 MSE has its Post-Graduate Courses. Admission advantages are granted to MSE MSU graduates.

The study in MSE MSU is paid. Payments for accommodation and healthcare services are not included in tuition cost.

The best students may count with grants from sponsors.

MSE MSU has paid Preparatory Courses. Their program is oriented at training secondary school children as well as Bachelors/Specialists in disciplines corresponding to MSE entrance exams for Bachelor’s and Master’s Program, respectively.

The aim of the Courses is to prepare the students to access MSE MSU Bachelor’s and Master’s Programs, acquire knowledge of fundamentals in economics, help clarify theoretical sections traditional preparatory courses pay insufficient attention to. In practice, all MSE Preparatory Courses graduates manage to successfully pass MSE MSU accession exams.

See more about the admission procedure to the Preparatory Courses, the documents required and admission exams on MSE MSU website:


Tuition fees for BSc Degree and MSc Degree students – 380 000 rubles per year

BSc Degree

  1. Economics (4 years).

MSc Degree

  1. Economic Theory and Problems of Modern Russia
  2. Financial Economics

Postgraduate programs

Tuition fees for Postgraduate programs students – 262 000 rubles per year

  1. Economic Theory
  2. Mathematical and Instrumental Methods in Economics
  3. Economics and Management of the Economy
  4. International Economy