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Department of Political Science, Moscow State University, announces enrollment for unique 2 year long master’s degree programs in 2015. The course of studies will be based on the general university teaching standards combining traditions of classical academic education with the most recent educational technologies.

General Political Science

Curriculum is aimed at achieving general professional competences in Political Science, as well as specialized expertise in the history and theory of Politics, history of social and political thought, Russian Politics, comparative Political Science, Sociology and Psychology of Politics, State Politics and other areas of specialization offered at the department.

Russian Politics

The mission of master’s degree program is in preparing highly-qualified experts capable of full-fledged analysis of Russian political life, political relations and institutions, of revealing forms and mechanisms of interactions between the state, business structures and civil society.

Graduates will master not only theoretical skills of analyzing complex Russian phenomena, but also technologies of political action; they will learn to work as experts, working out recommendations of conceptual and instrumental nature.

International Relations and Russian Foreign Policy

Master’s program “International relations and Russian Foreign Policy in the 21st Century” is aimed at preparing highly-qualified specialists in the analysis Russian foreign policy, its origins and motives, balance between changes and tradition in the context of varying international environment.

Graduates will be able to cope with the analysis of a given international event from the point of view of its influence on the interests, goals and values of this country, to position a certain problem into a general scope of Russian foreign policy.

State Health Care Policy

Master’s degree program in the area of state health care policy was worked out by the Department of State Policy in collaboration with the Department of Fundamental Medicine and is the first program of this kind in Russia.

The program is aimed at preparing civil servants and new generation managers capable of realization of the new state policy in health care. Students will be familiarized with the way health care system functions in Russia and in other countries, with the activities of health care organizations of the leading countries, with the best experience in the sphere of health care management and financing.

The program includes such courses as “Strategic Management”, “Project Management”, “Economic Analysis:, “ Legal Aspects of Health Care System”, and others.

Leadership in Social and Political Spheres

Political leadership is essential for effective representation of new social forces formed in the context of innovative development and promoting innovative projects, as well as for conflict and crisis management which is inevitable in the course of modernization.

The master’s program offered by the Department of Political Science of Lomonossov Moscow State University promotes the task of training the new generation of leaders open to innovations, capable of a new way of thinking and working with people relying not only on the notorious “administrative resources”, but also on the power of persuasion and new communicative technologies.

Along with traditional lectures and seminars, the program offers a big amount of active educational methods, such as group discussions, practices for leadership skills, decision-making training. Both Russian and foreign politicians, political analysts and experts are invited as participants of this program.

A considerable amount of individual consultations are offered alongside group classes.

Political Economy

The program is relevant thanks to the situation of the world economic crisis which provoked disruption and disintegration in the development of different states. What makes the current program special is its interdisciplinary approach equipping the graduates with the skills of advanced analysis of both political and economic developments of modern states.

The graduates of “Political Economy” Program may be high-demand political scientists capable of giving a complex analysis of current political and economic processes working in state government bodies facilitating formation and realization of economic policies, in any legal organizational structures (state, municipal, profit and non-profit organizations), academic and research institutions, specialized educational institutions, business entities, analytical departments of business and financial companies.

Electoral Systems and Electoral Process

The program entails profound professional training of political experts in the sphere of election organization and electoral technologies. In the framework of the program candidates for a master’s degree study theory and history of elected institutions, modern electoral systems, master technologies of organizing and holding electoral campaigns, providing information and analytical support.

Graduates may be in high demand as experts in research institutions, consultancy centers, governmental organizations, political parties, electoral campaign committees.

Political Structure Planning of the Future: theory and practice

The program ensures preparation of highly-qualified experts in political analysis and long-range planning of political processes.

This program is aimed at those who admit that this world is not a perfect one but who are ready to meet the challenge and agree upon constructing a new world – while keeping the values and achievements of the past.

The main skills and aptitudes gained in the course of education are as follows: ability to create ideal alternative political models, expertise in the sphere of political philosophy and political culture, mastery of methods of state policy in cultural spheres as spheres of basic latent models of political behavior.

Enrolment period starts from 19 June 2015 and ends 20 July 2015.

Applicants are required to take written examination in Political Science. Program of the examination is available at

Examination will take place on 23 July 2015.

Tuition fees for Bachelor's Degree and Master's Degree students – 300 500 rubles per year.

BSc Degree

Political science


  • Political Management and Public Relations
  • Economic Policy of Modern States
  • Political Communication Studies

MSc Degree

Political science


  • Political Science
  • Russian Politics
  • International Relations and Foreign Policy of Contemporary Russia
  • Leadership in Social and Political Spheres
  • State Health Care Policy
  • Political Economy
  • Electoral Systems and Electoral Process
  • Political Design of the Future: Theory and Practice
  • International Communication
  • Eurasian Integration

Postgraduate programs

Political Science


  • 19.00.12. Political Psychology.
  • 23.00.01. Theory and Philosophy of Politics, History and Methodology of Political Science.
  • 23.00.02. Political Institutes, Processes and Technologies.
  • 23.00.03. Political Culture and Ideology.
  • 23.00.04. Political Problems of International Relations, of Global and Regional Development.
  • 23.00.05. Political Regional Studies. Ethnopolitics.
  • 23.00.06. Conflict Management (Conflictology).