Residence halls of Lomonosov Moscow State University are a set of modern campuses for students, PhD students and academic staff. They are provided with all the conditions for comfortable stay, self-study and scientific work, recreation, doing sports, participation in the university cultural life.

Each campus has comfortable rooms and necessary living facilities such as dining rooms, housekeeping complexes, recreation areas, libraries, sports grounds, gyms. In residence halls there are Wi-Fi access points, which enable unlimited access to the Internet.

International students live in the following campuses:

Accommodation in LMSU residence hall is provided for all international students on a contractual basis if there are vacant places. Depending on the campus and accommodation conditions, the cost of living is averagely 13 000 rubles and depends on living conditions. If you have any question regarding getting a place in the residence hall, please, contact the international department at your faculty.