Student Residence Hall on Leninskie Gory (DS, LMSU Main Building)

Address: Moscow, 1 Leninskie Gory, the Main building of Lomonosov Moscow state University, sectors: Б, В, Г, Д, Е, Ж.

Getting here: “Universitet” metro station, then take buses 1, 113,119, 661 or shuttle buses 572, 464 to the stop "DK MGU", or walk for about 15 minutes.

Student residence hall on Leninskie Gory (DS) is a set of dormitories for students, PhD students and professors’ flats, located at the LMSU Main Building. It is possible to get by foot from the dormitories of the student residence hall to most of the faculties in a few minutes. The building itself has all the necessary conditions for studying and working: classrooms, laboratories, libraries and co-workings, museums. There are a Cultural center, cinema, a sports complex, a pool in the LMSU Main Building. A stadium, sports grounds, tennis courts, a baseball stadium and sports halls for track-and-field athletics are located in the surrounding area. A housekeeping house provides a wide range of services: repair of clothes and shoes, photo studio, barbershop, beauty salon, laundry. There are also a post office, shops and stalls. In the building there are several dining rooms, their opening hours include evening hours and the weekends. In the dormitory there are Wi-Fi access points, which allow connecting to the Internet and a local dormitory network.

The building has several options for rooms’ arrangement, while the most typical are a block with two rooms of 8 square meters and a block with two rooms of 12 square meters. There are also blocks with one room and with rooms of a larger space. There are from 36 to 60 blocks, two kitchens and lobbies on each floor of the residence hall.