International Summer Supercomputing Academy

Periodicity: annual.

Dates: June-July.


International Summer Supercomputing Academy - a unique opportunity to receive training on a wide range of specializations in the field of supercomputing and parallel computing technologies with the passage of practice on supercomputers MSU "Lomonosov", "Chebyshev", Blue Gene/P.

President of Supercomputer Summer Academy - Rector of the Moscow State University , academician V.A. Sadovnichiy . Head of the Academy curriculum - Corresponding Member of RAS, Professor Vl. V. Voevodin.

Academy curriculum consists of lectures on topical issues of supercomputer technology and high-performance computing, advanced training courses (tracks), master classes and workshops on specific topics, use of supercomputer technologies and the development of parallel algorithms and software for high-performance computing systems.

The part of the Academy's program is Science conference at which students of the Academy will be able to present their scientific work. During operation, a plurality of adjacent Academy planned training activities: training and workshops from leading companies, visits to MSU supercomputer complex, popular science lectures and more.

The teaching staff of the Academy - the leading Russian and foreign scientists, professors and lecturers of Moscow State University, well-known experts from largest IT- companies.

The working languages of the Academy - Englishand Russian, part of the Academy classes will be held in English.