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Master programs

The list of training areas (specialties) and entrance exams for foreign citizens entering the first year of study of master programs on contractual basis in 2021:

Faculty, training area (specialty), and educational program Entrance exams (written)
Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics
01.04.01 Mathematics Mathematics
01.04.03 Mechanics and Mathematical Simulation Mathematics
02.04.01 Mathematics and Computer Science Mathematics
Faculty of Computational Mathematics
01.04.02 Applied Mathematics and Computer Science Mathematics and computer science
02.04.02 Fundamental Informatics and Information Technologies Mathematics and computer science
Faculty of Physics
03.04.02 Physics Physics (written, oral)
Faculty of Chemistry
04.04.01 Chemistry Chemistry
Chemistry (in English) Chemistry (in English)
Faculty of Materials Science
04.04.02 Materials Chemistry, Physics and Mechanics Physical chemistry and materials engineering
Faculty of Biology
06.04.01 Biology:
Biology Biology
Fundamental and Applied Biology General biology
Bioengineering, Biotechnology and Bioeconomics Biology and the basics of biotechnology
Structural Biology and Biotechnology Structural biology and biotechnology
Educational programs: Fundamental and Systemic Ecology; Nanobiotechnology (in English) Contemporary issues of biology (1); Foreign language (2)
05.04.06 Ecology and Environmental Management Ecology
Faculty of Soil Science
06.04.02 Soil Science Soil science
05.04.06 Ecology and Environmental Management Ecology
Faculty of Geology
05.04.01 Geology Geology
Faculty of Geography
05.04.02 Geography Geography
05.04.03 Cartography and Geoinformatics Geography
05.04.04 Hydrometeorology Geography
05.04.06 Ecology and Environmental Management Geography
43.04.02 Tourism Theory and practice of tourism
Faculty of Fundamental Physical and Chemical Engineering
03.04.01 Applied Mathematics and Physics Physics
Faculty of History
46.04.01 History:
History Universal and national history
History of Foreign Affairs Universal and national history
50.04.03 Art History History of arts
Faculty of Philology
45.04.01 Philology Philology
Faculty of Philosophy
47.04.01 Philosophy Philosophy
47.04.03 Religious Studies Religious studies
51.04.01 Cultural Studies Cultural studies
42.04.01 Advertising and Public Relations Advertising and public relations
41.04.04 Political Science Political science
Faculty of Economics
38.04.01 Economics:
Economic Analysis Economic analysis (1); Foreign language (P/F)
Fundamental Economics: Theory and Mathematical Methods Fundamental economics: theory and mathematical methods (1); Foreign language (P/F)
Economic Policy Economic Policy (1); Foreign language (P/F)
World Economy World Economy (1); Foreign language (P/F)
38.04.02 Management:
Marketing Marketing (1); Foreign language (P/F)
Entrepreneurship and Project Management Entrepreneurship and project management (1); Foreign language (P/F)
Innovation Management Innovation management (1); Foreign language (P/F)
International Business Management International business management (1); Foreign language (P/F)
38.04.08 Finance and Credit:
International Corporate Reporting and Audit International corporate reporting and audit (1); Foreign language (P/F)
Financial Markets and Institutions Financial markets and institutions (1); Foreign language (P/F)
Financial Analytics Financial analytics (1); Foreign language (P/F)
Faculty of Law
40.04.01 Jurisprudence Jurisprudence
Faculty of Journalism
42.04.02 Journalism Journalism
Faculty of Psychology
37.04.01 Psychology Psychology (1); Foreign language (2)
The Institute of Asian and African Studies
58.04.01 Oriental and African Studies Area studies: Asian-African region (1); Oriental language (2)
Faculty of Sociology
39.04.01 Sociology Sociology
Faculty of Foreign Languages and Area Studies
45.04.02 Linguistics Linguistics (in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian or Russian language)
41.04.02 Russian Studies Russian studies
51.04.01 Cultural studies
International area studies
Faculty of Public Administration
38.04.03 Human Resources Management Human resources management
38.04.04 Public and Municipal Administration Public and municipal administration
41.04.04 Political Science Political science
38.04.02 Management Management
Faculty of World Politics
41.04.05 International Relations History of foreign affairs
Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts
50.04.02 Fine Arts History and theory of arts
Faculty of Global Studies
41.04.05 International Relations International relations
Faculty of Educational Studies
44.04.01 Pedagogical Education The basics of teaching and education (written, oral)
Faculty of Political Science
41.03.04 Political Science:
Political Science Political science
Educational programs: Russian Politics; International Relations and Foreign Policy of Contemporary Russia; Leadership in Social and Political Spheres; Electoral Systems and the Electoral Process Political science
Historical policy Political science
Post-Soviet Public Policy (In English) Political science (in English)
Global Order: Transformations and Challenges (in English) Political science (in English)
37.04.02 Conflict Management Conflict management
Lomonosov MSU Business School
38.04.02 Management Management
Moscow School of Economics
38.04.01 Economics:
Economics General economics (1); Foreign language (2)
Economics and Mathematical Methods General economics (1); Foreign language (2)
Global Economics and Finance (in English) General economics (in English) (1); Foreign language (2)
Economics and Finance (in English; joint educational program with the University of Primorska, Koper, Republic of Slovenia) General economics (in English) (1); Foreign language (2)
Graduate School of Public Administration
38.04.04 Public and Municipal Administration Public and municipal administration
38.04.03 Human Resources Management Human resources management
School of State Audit
38.04.09 State Audit Economics
40.04.01 Jurisprudence Jurisprudence
School of Translation and Interpretation
45.04.02 Linguistics:
Theory, History and Methodology of Translation Foreign language (written, oral)
Russian Language in Interlanguage Communication Russian language (written, oral)
Graduate School of Management and Innovation
27.04.05 Innovation Innovation
Graduate School of Innovative Business
04.04.01 Chemistry Chemistry
05.04.01 Geology Geology
School of Contemporary Social Sciences
39.04.01 Sociology Sociology
38.04.03 Human Resources Management Human resources management
38.04.02 Management Management
School of Television
42.04.04 Television Theory and practice of television
Higher School of Policy in Culture and Management in the Sphere of Humanities
38.04.02 Management Management
Faculty of Space Studies
01.04.00 Mechanics and Mathematics (Mechanics and Mathematical Simulation, Applied Mathematics and Computer Science) Applied mathematics and computer science
38.04.04 Public and Municipal Administration Public and municipal administration