School of Business Administration

MailMSU, School of Business Administration, Russia, 119992, Moscow, GSP-1, 1-52a Leninskiye Gory
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Dean: Prof. Oleg S. Vikhansky

The School of Business Administration was founded on the decision of the MSU Academic Council in March, 2002.

Our mission is to train business leaders providing them with knowledge and skills to insure their success in the highly competitive and rapidly changing business environments. Our students are trained to estimate a situation and to use their erudition, experience and skills creatively to find solutions.

We offer full-time 4-year Bachelor’s Degree program and 2-year Master’s Degree programs in Business Administration. Our approach to tuition is based on our firm belief that our students’ theoretical knowledge in economics and management should be added with practical skills acquired from the very beginning of their course. Thus, as early as in the first year our curriculum includes courses based on the practice of management in Russia and abroad.

Our students acquire thorough knowledge of Economics, Management, and other social and economic disciplines; together with managerial skills, they acquire progressive views on management.

The stress in our tuition is on practical training based on the methods which include practical classes, the analysis of authentic business papers, case studies, business games, and group projects. We invite leading scholars from MSU and other institutions as well as representatives of Russian business to teach at our school.

Our international ties with universities and business schools allow us to invite their leading scholars and lecturers.

The School of Business Administration is the only Russian participant in the prestigious international “Global Management Game”, together with over 90 student teams from the leading business schools of the USA, Europe and Asia.

Our close cooperation with major Russian business companies is based on the consulting services offered by our academics; our ties allow our students to gain their practical knowledge and skills in real business environments, while our partners offer our graduates prestigious jobs.