Faculty of fundamental physical and chemical engineering

MailMSU, Faculty of fundamental physical and chemical engineering, Russia, 119991, Moscow, GSP-1, 1 Leninskiye Gory
Telephone+7 (495) 939-01-75

Dean: Acad. Sergey M. Aldoshin

For Russia to continue as a developed and economically independent country, integration of education, scientific research, and high-tech industries is of crucial importance. One of the ways to achieve this goal is to combine fundamental university education with students’ practical work at research centers of the Russian Academy of Sciences. This is the approach we rely on at the Faculty of Physical Chemistry of MSU.

Our students choose their major area at either the Chemistry or the Physics department. Our academic staff includes seven full members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, two corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, over thirty Doctors and Candidates of Science. Our students benefit from the expertise of leading researchers who give classes at the faculty as well as from the opportunity to use state-of-the-art equipment that MSU, the Russian Academy of Sciences, and our international partners have at their disposal. The subjects of our students’ graduation papers reflect the variety of the fields of research conducted at the faculty. Undergraduate and post-graduate students involved in research work receive additional research grants. Our scientific cooperation with European and American colleagues provides our students with an opportunity to have externships at research centers of the leading universities abroad.

The Scientific Center for the Russian Academy of Sciences was founded by the Nobel Prize winner Acad. Nikolay N. Semyonov together with academicians Georgy V. Kurdyumov and Dmitry S. Korzhinsky. Enormous was the contribution of other outstanding scientists, such as academicians Nikolay M. Emanuel, Victor N. Kondratyev, Nikolay S. Enikolopov, Vitaly I. Goldansky, Yulii B. Khariton, Yakov B. Zeldovich, Yury A. Osipyan, Alexander Y. Shilov, Vladimir E. Fortov, Alexander G. Merjanov, Sergei M. Aldoshin, Nobel Prize winner Alexey A. Abrikosov, Isaak M. Khalatnikov, Vilen A. Zharikov, Vladislav B. Timofeyev, and corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Sciences Viktor L. Talroze, Georgii B. Manelis, Cheslav V. Kopetsky, Vsevolod F. Gantmacher, A. A. Strobinsky, Ivan V. Martynov. These scientists also laid the foundation of the Center’s scientific schools and academic subdivisions. The outstanding achievements of its researchers made Chernogolovka Scientific Center an internationally recognized center of fundamental science.

Chemistry department: Undergraduate and post-graduate students study various disciplines and do research in the following fields: General Problems of Chemical Physics , Molecular and Solid Body Structure, Kinetics and Mechanisms of Complicated Chemical Reactions, Chemical Physics of Combustion and Explosion , Chemical Physics of Polymerization and Modification of Polymers, Chemical Physics of Biological Processes and Systems, Chemical Materials Science. The Chemistry department has a unique experimental base and a state-of-the-art computer centre at its disposal.

Physics department: Undergraduate and post-graduate students acquire profound knowledge and do research in the fields embracing a wide range of problems of Condensed Matter Physics, such as: Physics of Magnetic Phenomena, Material Physics, Semiconductor and Dielectric Physics, Solid State Physics, Metal Physics, and Chemical Physics.