Faculty of Bioengineering and Bioinformatics

MailMSU, Faculty of Bioengineering and Bioinformatics, Russia, 119991, Moscow, 1-73 Leninskie Gory
Telephone+7 (495) 939-41-95
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Dean: Acad. Vladimir P. Skulachev

Due to the rapid development of biology new practical approaches are being introduced in healthcare and agriculture, in various other fields where new technologies and materials are created. The worldwide demand for qualified specialists in bioengineering and bioinformatics is very high, this country not being an exception.

Established in 2002, the Faculty of Bioengineering and Bioinformatics trains highly qualified specialists for scientific and medical institutions and industry, mainly pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies. Our graduates are informed of the most recent scientific developments in the area and are able to detect, assess and regulate changes in a living organism. Our 5-year Bioengineering and Bioinformatics program has been approved by the RF Ministry of Education. Our curriculum includes the following biomedical engineering disciplines: genetic engineering; bioengineering of microorganisms, animals and plants; cell cloning and transplantation; protein engineering; engineering enzymology. Advanced obligatory courses of mathematics and informatics are complemented by optional special courses in the subjects