Faculty of Global Studies

Mail119991, Moscow, GSP-1, Leninskie Gory 1, Building 13
Telephone(495) 939-43-23, (495) 939-45-06

Dean: Iliya V. Iliyin

The mission of the Faculty of Global Studies is to train highly-qualified specialists in international relations. Together with thorough theoretical knowledge, our students receive multicultural education, they are tolerant, communicative and resourceful, they are able to monitor global processes and work out approaches to manage them. Rapid globalization demands new approaches to the training of specialists in international relations; our graduates are to become specialists in cross-disciplinary global studies, combining approaches and methods of natural sciences and the humanities.

We offer full-time 5-year Specialist’s Degree programs in International Relations, graduates being awarded a minor qualification of Translator in the Sphere of Professional Communication.

Our approach to tuition combines the traditions of classical university education and international experience in training in the field.

Our courses are delivered by the leading professors from MSU, the Russian Academy of International Trade, the Moscow State Institute of Foreign Affairs, the Russian Diplomatic Academy, the Russian Academy of Sciences; we also invite specialists from governmental bodies, Russian and international business companies, consular services of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and from abroad.

Our core curriculum includes a few blocks of disciplines.

The Liberal Arts and Social and Economic disciplines: World History; Conflict Management; Principles of Management and Marketing; History of Russia; Political Science; Law; Oratory and Elocution; Social and Economic Geography; Sociology; Philosophy; Economic Theory.

Science and Mathematics: Basics of Science; Principles of Advanced Mathematics; Applied Information Technologies; Statistics; Econometrics.

Foreign Languages: obligatory courses of 2 foreign languages, English being major, and Chinese, Spanish, French, Arabic, Japanese, German or Italian offered as minor foreign languages. The best students are offered a course in a third foreign language.

The core professional disciplines include: Introduction into Profession; Art of Negotiation; Geopolitics; Principles of Global Politics; Global Natural Phenomena; Demography; History of International Relations; International Law; International Statistics; Cross-Cultural Communication; Global Economy and International Economic Relations; Political Area Studies; Public Relations; Mathematical Modeling and Optimal Decision Making; Systems Analysis in International Relations; Contemporary Conflicts and Methods of their Resolution, etc.

Traditional forms of tuition, such as lectures, classes and seminars, are added by business games, panel discussions, conferences and situational seminars which help to simulate professional activities. Our students can practice their debating skills at our debating club “Phoenix” where leading Russian and foreign specialists are invited.

The curriculum includes internships which our senior undergraduates have at the RF Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other governmental bodies and committees of the State Duma and the Federation Council, at RAS institutes and research centers, Russian and international companies. Our best students participate in international conferences and have internships in leading universities and research centers abroad.

Our students are trained to be effective managers and to apply their knowledge to find solutions to various problems; their communication skills allow them to collect and exchange information in a few foreign languages to establish business relations with representatives of various cultures. They are able to analyze the international situation professionally, to assess the internal and external political situation of a country or region, to use international law for business support and business security.

Faculty of Global Studies comprises the Division of Geopolitics and Diplomacy and the Division of Global Economy.

The Division of Geopolitics and Diplomacy trains specialists in foreign affairs and global politics, global political processes and practical aspects of diplomacy. We train political analysts and consultants for international organizations and Russian governmental bodies, as well as experts in the fields of Russian/ international business relations and political support of entrepreneurship.

The curriculum includes the following special disciplines: Civil Service, Political Protocol and Etiquette, Diplomacy and International Business, Diplomatic Services of Foreign States, International Organizations, Cross-Cultural and Cross-Ethnic Relationships, Oratory, Political Analysis and Political Technologies, Political and Economic Lobbying, Political Regulation of Economy, Foreign Policy Decision-Making, Practice of Diplomatic and Consular Services, Image-Making Techniques.

Our graduates work as analysts and specialists for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, federal and local governmental bodies of RF and CIS countries, for the UN, the Council of Europe , for consulting and analytical companies, large international and Russian corporations and public organizations.

The Division of Global Economy and Management trains highly-qualified specialists who combine theoretical knowledge of international relations and research of global economy and economic policy of countries of the world. Students study methods to analyze tendencies in the global economy and conditions in the world market, methods to improve country’s competitiveness and methods of international payment and settlement, they learn about external economic activity, integration processes in various parts of the world, international economic and political organizations, economic negotiation policy and techniques, applied econometrics methods.

We train specialists in foreign economic policy, international business and international financial relations, analysts and consultants for international organizations and Russian governmental bodies.

The curriculum of the Division of Global Economy and Management includes the following special disciplines: Accountancy and Analysis, Relations between WTO and Russia, State Regulation of External Economic Activity, European Integration and Russia, Foreign Investment, Country’s Competitiveness in Global Economy, International Trade, International Law, International Financial and Economic Relations, International Economic Organizations and International Integration, International Business, World Labor Market and Migration, Taxation, National Models of Economic Development Principles of Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management, Transnational Corporations, Project Management, Settlement of International Economic Disputes, Business Ethics in Russian and Abroad.

A special stress is laid on foreign language courses for economists and businessmen.

Our graduates have an opportunity to work for Russian and international financial and international trade corporations, for the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, other ministries and institutions, for consulting and audit companies, international economic organizations as well as for the mass media covering the problems of the global economy.