Graduate School of Innovative Business (Corporate University)

MailMSU, Graduate School of Innovative Business, Russia,119991, Moscow, Leninskiye Gory, 1-73 Laboratory building B
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Dean: Prof. Dmitry M. Koshug

The Graduate School of Innovative Business was founded in accordance with the decision of MSU Academic Council in October 2006.

The main objective of the Graduate School of Innovative Business is to train graduate students who strive to embark on a career in fuel and energy complex. To enroll, an applicant is to be a holder of Bachelor’s, Specialist’s or Master’s degree.

Our graduates are highly-qualified specialists who combine profound theoretical and practical knowledge of geological and geophysical exploration of oil and gas deposits, of oil and gas processing and rational management of natural resources.

Our Master’s Degree programs devised by MSU specialists are to meet the modern challenges oil corporations have to face. Our students are taught by leading specialists from major research institutes, oil companies and services companies.

Our innovative curricula aim at the implementation of MSU experience in fundamental and applied research, its scientific and educational potential; thus we have introduced new interdisciplinary programs in cooperation with the Faculties of Geology, Chemistry, Law , Economics, Biology and the School of Public Administration. Thanks to our interdisciplinary approach our graduates have an opportunity to receive basic knowledge in all fields of study offered by our divisions.

All our students have an obligatory 3-semester course of English.

We offer three 2-year full-time Master’s Degree programs:

The Division of Geology offers the following Master of Geology programs: “Geological and geophysical exploration of oil and gas deposits”, “4 D modeling in geology”, “Geological & geophysical engineering studies for oil and gas industry”, “Geology and geophysics of megapolis and metroplex”

The Division of Chemistry offers a Master of Chemistry program in Oil Processing. We train specialists in oil refining, process design, engineering and alignment, who apply a systems approach to analysis and development of flow charts, homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis, kinetics of chemical reactions, who use modern instrumental methods for measuring physical and chemical phase composition of systems involved.

The Division of Management offers a Master of Management program “Natural resources management”. This program trains specialists in land law, environmental management, standardization and resource licensing , innovative subsurface resource management, public administration and efficient management of natural resources at different levels ( from a small company to the federal level ), meeting international requirements and following the guidelines and principles developed by international organizations such as UN, UNESCO, FAO, etc. Students of the Graduate School of Innovative Business are to pay tuition fees.