Faculty of Psychology

MailMSU, Faculty of Psychology, 11-5, Mokhovaya Str., Moscow, 125009, Russia
Telephone+7 (495) 629-37-23

Dean: Prof. Yury P. Zinchenko

The Faculty of Psychology was opened in 1966 on the basis of the Department of Psychology that had existed at MSU since 1942.But psychology as a discipline has been taught at Moscow University since its establishment in 1755.

Until quite recently the Faculty of Psychology was the only institution in Moscow and one of the very few institutions in Russia that trained specialists in the field. Prominent psychologists, whose names stand for psychological science in Russia, have worked and taught at the faculty, among them A.N. Leontyev, the first dean of the Faculty, A.R. Luria, B.V. Zeigarnik, P.Y. Galperin, V.V. Davidov, D.B. Elkonin. Today the contribution of the Faculty to the development of psychology in this country cannot be overestimated, as the standards of education set here have been adopted by all the faculties of psychology in Russia. The academics of the Faculty have created unique curricula, methodology and teaching resources. Course books written by the faculty academics are widely recognized and used by other institutions educating psychologists.

Many Faculty members are well-known scientists recognized by the psychological community worldwide. The Faculty of Psychology benefits from the academic expertise of members of various international psychological societies and honorary professors of European and American universities.

We have well-established links with a number of universities abroad, in the field of both scientific cooperation and academic exchange, among them the University of Helsinki, Finland, Friedrich-Schieler University, Jena, and Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg in Germany, a number of universities in Holland, the USA and Mexico.

The Faculty of Psychology comprises 11 departments: Department of General Psychology, Department of Personality Psychology, Department of Industrial and Engineering Psychology, Department of Social Psychology, Department of Neuropsychology and Psychopathology, Department of Psychophysiology, Department of Developmental Psychology, Department of Educational Psychology and Pedagogics, Department of Methodology of Psychology, Department of Extreme Psychology, Department of Psychogenetics, Department of Psychological Aid.

We have the laboratory of neuropsychology, zoo psychology, the laboratories of psychology of labour, psychology of professions and conflict, psychology of perception, psychology of interaction and psycho semantics.

The Faculty of Psychology offers full-time 5-year Specialist’s Degree programs and part-time 6-year Specialist’s Degree programs.

Our undergraduates major in two areas: psychology and clinical psychology. The curriculum includes social sciences and humanities, biological and mathematical sciences, basic psychological disciplines and special psychological courses.

Social sciences and humanities are the history of Russia, philosophy, the history of foreign philosophy, the history of Russian philosophy, formal logic, ethics, the history and theory of religion, the history of the world philosophies, sociology, economics, political science, foreign languages (English, German, French), pedagogy.

Among the biological science disciplines are the anatomy and morphology of the central nervous system, the physiology of the central nervous system, the physiology of sensor systems, the physiology of the higher nervous function, anthropology.

The mathematical disciplines include mathematics, methods in mathematical psychology, information theory and computer applications in psychology.

The basic psychological courses are general psychology, personality psychology, the history of psychology, experimental psychology, differential psychology, the basics of psychodiagnostics, methodological problems in psychology, psychology laboratory course, social psychology, clinical psychology, specialized psychology, the basics of neuropsychology, psychophysiology, developmental psychology, pedagogical psychology, engineering psychology, industrial psychology and ergonomics, zoopsychology and comparative psychology, methods of teaching psychology.

In the 7th semester our students choose their major areas from among general psychology, personality psychology, psychophysiology, social psychology, industrial and engineering psychology, developmental psychology, educational psychology. This gives them the opportunity to study in depth a specific area and acquire necessary skills and knowledge for research work as well as practical skills and techniques. Specialization in clinical psychology (neuropsychology and psychopathology) begins in the 5th semester.

Serious attention is paid to the students' research work, which is part of research done at the Faculty and affiliated institutions, some of the students doing their externships abroad..

All-Russia students’ scientific conferences and summer schools are held annually, the papers being published in Russian and foreign journals. The best students’ graduation papers are also published in “Moscow University Bulletin”.