Faculty of Sociology

MailMSU, Faculty of Sociology, Russia, 119899, Moscow, GSP-1, 1-33 Leninskiye Gory
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Dean: Nadezhda G. Osipova

The Faculty of Sociology was founded in 1989. Our mission is to train specialists in sociology, youth work, management and marketing.

We offer full-time 5-year Specialist’s Degree programs and 2-year Master’s Degree programs for Bachelor’s and Specialist’s degree holders, as well as 3-year post-graduate programs for Specialist’s and Master’s degree holders.

In their first and second year our undergraduates master the core subjects including the Liberal Arts (Philosophy, Jurisprudence, Political Science, History of Russia, Logic, the Russian Language and Speech Culture, a foreign language), and mathematical disciplines (Higher Mathematics, Theory of Probability, Mathematical Statistics, etc) as well as the core sociological disciplines (General Sociology, History of Sociology, Sociological Methodology, Social Anthropology, Ethnic Sociology, Demography, Social Psychology, Social Linguistics, Theory of Social Change, Data Analysis in Sociology, etc). The junior curriculum of the Division of Management and Marketing includes Theory of Organization, Principles of Management, Accountancy, Marketing, Finance and Credit, etc. All junior students are offered additional courses in foreign languages, Mathematical Modeling in Sociology, Programming.

Senior undergraduates start their specialization in their third year.

Students in the Division of Sociology major in either theoretical sociology choosing from among History and Theory of Sociology, Contemporary Theories of Society, Ethnic Sociology, Social Psychology, Sociology of Law, Sociology of Art, Culture and Education, Advertology, Sociology of Communication Systems, Sociology of Security, Sociology of Family, Demography; or they major in Applied Sociology, Political Sociology and International Relations; Sociology of Management, including Economic Sociology, Theory of Management, State and Municipal Management, Staff Management, Conflict Management.

Students in the Division of Management of Organization and Marketing major in the field of Business Administration, Crisis Management, Strategic and Innovation Management, State Regulation of Economy Resources, Economic Sociology and Marketing.

Students in the Division of Social Work with Youth major in Sociology of Youth.

Our graduates work in research centers and institutions of higher education. Many apply their knowledge and skills in social and marketing research working for governmental bodies, various enterprises and organizations, business companies. Some of our graduates work on television and for the mass media, they do family consulting work, etc.