Faculty of Educational Studies

MailMSU, Faculty of Educational Studies, Russia,119991, Moscow, GSP-1, Leninskiye Gory, 2 Humanities Building
Telephone939-32-81; 939-42-76
Dean: Professor Nikolai Ch. Rozov

The faculty of education was established on Rector’s initiative by MSU Academic Council decree in 1997.

Moscow University has always trained well- educated, highly-qualified professionals, many of them with a potential to excel as researchers and scholars. Many of our graduates do some theoretical or applied research, but many also teach in schools and institutions of higher education. Teaching is a difficult and subtle art; it has to be mastered painstakingly, concurrently with doing studies in the field. The Faculty of Educational Studies is the place to do this. Anyone interested in a teaching career can study applied psychology and pedagogy, teaching skills as well as application of modern computer technologies for education. The main goal our faculty sets is to train highly-qualified specialists in teaching methods, curricula and syllabi management for secondary and high schools and institutions of higher education.

A modern teacher must be, first and foremost, a professional in a field. That’s why the Faculty of Educational Studies does not enroll applicants immediately after they leave high school; instead, we train those students of other MSU faculties who wish to receive teacher training while majoring in some area of Science or Humanities. The students who complete the course of study at our faculty are conferred the qualification in teaching in addition to their major qualifications.

To graduate students of MSU faculties the Faculty of Educational Studies offers a part-time course in teaching, leading to a qualification in higher school instruction. Our curricula include psychological and pedagogical disciplines, teaching methods in specific fields, modern teaching aids and computer technologies. The Liberal Arts module includes the theory of education, teaching process management, rhetoric and acting skills, the history of civilization, science and culture, etc.. Students of our faculty have their field placements and externships in the best Moscow schools, colleges and at MSU faculties under the supervision of experienced teachers and university instructors.

The Faculty of Educational Studies has the Department of History and Philosophy of Education, Chair Prof. G.A. Kitaygorodskaya, and the Department of Educational Technologies, Chair Prof. N.Ch. Rozov.

The Faculty of Educational Studies attracts prominent MSU professors and best instructors as well as secondary and high school teachers to deliver lectures and conduct classes. We work in close interaction with other MSU faculties and the Russian Academy of Education.

Our graduates are awarded the qualification of Teacher or Instructor of institution of higher education and have the right to work as teachers of their major subjects in secondary and high schools and institutions of higher education.

The faculty offers Master’s degree program in Education Management which enrolls holders of Bachelor and higher degrees in various fields. Our graduate students do research on teaching methods in a variety of specific areas and subjects.

Applicants to Master’s program are interviewed on the area they choose, taking also a written test in social management. International applicants are to take a written test in the Russian language.