Faculty of Public Administration

MailFaculty of Public Administration, MSU, 27-4, Lomonosovsky Prospekt

Acting Dean: Vyacheslav A. Nikonov

The Faculty of Public Administration is one of the youngest, most modern and actively developing faculties at MSU, with its own unique curricula and comprehensive approach to teaching. Founded in December 1993, the Faculty enrolled its first 33 undergraduates in September 1994, the number of students having grown since from 33 to 560. The Faculty trains specialists in Public Administration, in the fields of Public and Municipal Administration, Crisis Management and Human Resources Management.

By combining systematic theoretical and situational approaches to teaching, the Faculty provides academic and practical training and prepares professionals in Public Administration sought after at all levels of government and in commerce. Its 12 departments and 3 laboratories are a place of work for 45 doctoral degree holders and 115 candidate degree holders. Lectures and seminars at the Faculty are often given by prominent experts, consultants at Russian federal and municipal governing bodies and by heads of companies.

Qualifications. Our graduates are awarded the qualifications “Specialist in Public Administration” or “Specialist in Business Administration”. Their analytical and managerial skills and powers of persuasion, their professional ability of collecting and processing information serves a good basis for coordination and team work and consulting activity. The students who have taken courses in English and translation/interpretation are awarded the additional qualification “Translator/ interpreter in the sphere of professional communication”.

Teaching. Our Curricula encompass the experience of the best university schools of public administration worldwide and nationwide, and combine disciplines in several areas, among them: humanities (history of world civilizations, philosophy, logic, social psychology, foreign languages, etc.), natural and mathematical disciplines (mathematical methods and models in administration, informatics, quantitative methods and computer technologies in administration, etc.), disciplines if the field of administration (management, organization planning and design, innovation management, informational management, strategic administration, public administration, personnel management, managerial ethics, etc.), legal disciplines (legal theory, constitutional law, administrative law, civil law, financial law, labour law, municipal law, international law), economic disciplines (economic theory, marketing, finance and credit system, state finance, economic basis of state politics, state and municipal regulation of economics, economic and social statistics, accounting and audit) and social and political disciplines (political theory, geopolitics, political technologies, Internet and politics, social management, public relations, teaching negotiations).

Students of Crisis Management get a broader range of courses in mathematics and economy, including obligatory training in discrete mathematics and logic, probability theory and mathematical statistics, operations research, mathematical methods and models in crisis management, economic analysis, investment, business basics, banking, taxes and taxation, etc. All our students learn two foreign languages, English being obligatory and another being chosen among German, French or Spanish. The undergraduate program is completed is 5 years.

Specialisation begins in the third year. The areas of specialisation are constantly expanding and include: Human Resources Management and Personnel Consulting, Public Regulation of Economy, Strategic Public Administration. In the third year students start their practical training during their field placements in regional and local governments, commercial and public organizations.

The Faculty of Public Administration is a member of the Central and East European Association of Schools and Universities of Public Administration.

Both the academic staff and students take active part in international projects. The Faculty has contacts of several years’ standing with Maxwell School of Syracuse University, one of the leading US schools of Public Administration, thus providing a unique opportunity to study there for our best students. Among other partners of the Faculty are the Higher School of Administration in Brugge, Germany, the University of Pittsburgh, USA, the University of Maryland, USA, New York University, USA, Frederick II University and the Institute for Philosophical Studies in Naples, Italy. Owing to broad international partnership the Faculty can attract some of the best international specialists in the field and prominent academics from the USA, Germany, Italy, France and other countries, to work as permanent academic staff or as academic visitors.

Scientifically-minded graduates can continue their studies in economics, law, political science, sociology, history or philosophy in the post graduate school that annually enrols over 50 new students.

Students' Life. Our students are like a big family, socializing is part of their life. They may join the faculty KVN team (the Russian abbreviation which stands for the Club of the Cheerful and Sharp-witted), or Students' Scientific Society, or help edit the Faculty newspaper, or take part in sports competitions and other contests, such as Dean's Cup, Miss Faculty of Public Administration, and various celebrations and festivals.

Master’s Program. Graduates of the Master’s program are awarded the Master’s degree either in Financial Management or in Human Resources Management. These programs give graduates of MSU and other Russian institutions the opportunity to continue their studies at the best Russian university in the areas most promising and sought after.

The Master's Program in Financial Management trains specialists in financial management for companies working in various fields. Our graduates possess knowledge and skills in the following areas: analysis of company's financial activity and factors influencing its growth, financial planning, investment analysis, company valuation methods, financial accounting and reporting, financial risk assessment and other.

We train highly qualified professionals in financial management, financial investment analysis and consulting.

The Master's Program in Human Resources Management provides comprehensive training in the field, specialists acquiring practical skills in the following areas: strategic human resources management, employee attraction and selection, personnel efficiency management, career planning and development for employees, employee motivation and compensation. We train highly qualified specialists capable of effective personnel management in commercial and state organisations. Graduates are awarded Master’s degree in Management.

The curriculum is based on the research findings of the Faculty's highly competent academic staff, students are taught by leading university academics who combine research and teaching with practical work in the sphere of business.

The Master's Program enrols Russian and international candidates holding Bachelor's degree, the course of studies is completed in 2 years. Students are to pay tuition fees.

For further information please visit our website www.spa.msu.ru

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