Graduate School of Public Administration

MailMSU, Graduate School of Public Administration, Russia, 119991, Moscow, GSP-1, 1-61 Leninskiye Gory
Telephone(495) 510-52-05, (495) 510-52-23
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Director: Acad. Valery L. Makarov

The Graduate School of Public Administration trains specialists for top positions of responsibility in governmental institutions of the Russian Federation.

Our mission is to train professional administrators for medium to top levels of public service. Our graduates should be ready to address a wide variety of tasks in the area of public administration. Our unique curriculum and teaching materials, our teaching methods based on the traditions of university education and international experience in the field, our stress on the practical component of tuition and on the latest technologies give our students obvious competitive advantages.

Our main goal is to teach our students how to implement their knowledge in practice. We use a variety of methods to attain this goal: interactive methods, workshops, master classes; situation analysis; problem-solving seminars based on authentic materials; personal guidance for each student; exchange of experience in the field of public administration with Russian and foreign civil servants.

Internships allow our students: To develop professional managerial and administrative skills; To acquire the insider’s vision of managerial and administrative work within a governmental institution; To participate in business meetings, conferences; prepare materials for them; To work as temporary or acting officers.

Our links with institutions of higher education and various expert associations in Russia and abroad give us many opportunities to use the expertise of leading specialists in the field.

GSPA is a member of the International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration (IASIA) and the European Group of Public Administration (EGPA).

We actively collaborate with the American Society of Public Administration (ASPA), the Association of Pubic Administration (Russia), the Association of Institutes and Schools of Public Administration in Central and Eastern Europe.

Our main partner is the National School of Administration, France (ENA) whose professors teach at our school; we invite French consultants from the Senate, the State Council, the Constitutional Council of the French Republic, along with heads of the French regional executive bodies (prefects). We collaborate with the Embassy of France in Russia, the Association of ENA alumni and the Association of the Russian ENA alumni.

Among our other partners are: The Moscow School of Economics at MSU; The National School of Public Administration (Quebec, Canada); The Vienna Diplomatic Academy (Vienna, Austria); The London School of Economics and Politics (LSE); The School of Translation and Interpretation at MSU; The Center for Strategic Research; The Institute for Social, Economic and Investment Projects; The Central Economics & Mathematics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The Graduate School of Public Administration offers full-time 2-year Master’s Degree programs in Public Administration and a number of part-time continuing education programs in the field. We admit both Russian and foreign citizens holding Bachelor’s, Specialist’s or Master’s degrees. Admission is on a competitive basis, the criteria being the results of entrance tests.