Advanced School of Public Administration

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Director: Valery L. Makarov, fell member of Russian Academy of Science

LMSU Graduate School of Public Administration (LMSU GSPA) was established in 2005 in accordance with the decision of the Moscow State University Academic Council.

The GSPA's main task is individual training of highly qualified personnel for civil service pursuant to the internationally recognised educational standards based on the experience of foreign schools of public administration and the traditions of Russian education.

The School's main pride is its graduates, who occupy high and responsible positions in the Russian Federation state institutions. Among the alumni are a federal minister, deputy federal ministers, department directors of federal executive bodies, vice-governors, department heads of ministries and government agencies.

The majority of the School's alumni work in the state civil or municipal service, many of them are in the personnel reserves of various levels. The School actively promotes employment of its alumni in state authorities and public administration.

The teaching process at the Graduate School of Public Administration involves department heads and employees of the Russian Federation Presidential Executive Office and the Russian Federation government, leading experts from ministries and government agencies, the Russian Academy of Sciences academicians and professors, public authorities heads of different government levels, well-known Russian and foreign scientists and practitioners with experience in conducting workshops, trainings and master classes.

Training is conducted in accordance with the Master's programs Organisation of Public Administration (direction State and Municipal Management) and HR Management Strategy (direction HR Management).

The programs along with the study of the public administration advanced theory include working with real cases, conducting special trainings, master classes and seminars, learning a foreign language. The training makes use of a number of management workshops, special courses and seminars on topical issues in public administration and the administrative reform as well as personnel management. The training program provides a Master's degree student with a large amount of research work and practice in public and municipal administration, research projects and writing a master's degree graduation research on current topics of public administration and strategic personnel management.

The programs combine theory and practice, focusing on the development of master's degree students as practitioners-civil servants, well-trained in decision-making techniques, group work, having skills in project management, team management, personnel management, possessing  negotiation, communication and presentation skills. At the end of the program the master's degree student is to be prepared for effective professional, expert, analytical and research activities in the field of public administration and personnel management, as well as management of public institutions and organisations.

The student's main activities presuppose managing state structures, conducting expert, analytical and consulting work, as well as conducting scientific and applied research in the field of state and municipal management and personnel management.

Applicants who have a bachelor's, specialist's or master's degree are accepted to specialized master's training on a competitive basis based on the entrance examinations results. The conditions for competitive selection are determined by MSU.

Along with Master's degree programs the GSPA MSU offers a postgraduate course in direction 38.06.01  Economics in accordance with specialization (profile) 08.00.05 Economics and National Economy management on a competitive basis.

The GSPA MSU is a member of the International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration (IASIA) and the European Group of Public Administration (EGPA). Cooperation with specialised (in public administration) universities in China is widely developed, on the basis of which the School's students get an opportunity to have an internship.