School of Contemporary Social Sciences

MailMSU, School of Contemporary Social Sciences, Russia, 119991, Moscow, GSP-1, Leninskiye Gory
Telephone+7 (495) 939-36-29

  Dean : Acad. Gennady V. Osipov

LMSU School of Contemporary Social Sciences was founded in 2006 in accordance with the decision of the LMSU Academic Council and the Russian Academy of Sciences. It was established in recognition of the need for interdisciplinary understanding of fundamental issues and challenges confronting contemporary societies.

The main task of the School of Contemporary Social Sciences is to train highly-qualified specialists in modern social sciences: Sociology and Sociology of Knowledge, Knowledge Economy, Social Administration, Social Control, Social Philosophy and Cultural studies. The study of various interdisciplinary subjects such as Social Demography, Social Geography, Sociology of History, Mathematical Methodology in Sociology, Social Anthropology etc. integrated within a framework of human diversity and sustainability enables our students to develop professional competencies suited to address numerous multidimensional human problems. To keep up with constantly changing social circumstances our students are taught to appropriately react to permanently emerging social, economic and political challenges; to address modern Russian society management current issues; to be able to assess possible social, economic and political decision-taking effects.

The School of Contemporary Social Sciences offers three academic programs: “Sociology”,   “Management” and “Personnel Management”.

Our innovative approach to tuition management ensures high quality of the education and competitiveness of our graduates; it gives our students opportunities for creativeness and self-actualization.

The School of Contemporary Social Sciences provides students with fundamental theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills. Our students’ implement the results of their research in their practical work, thus contributing to the social and economic development of modern Russia.

LMSU professors and instructors, eminent scholars from the Russian Academy of Sciences give lectures and seminars at the faculty, Academicians G.V. Osipov,  V.L. Makarov, Corresponding Member Shultz V.L. among them. Government officials, lawyers and businesspersons representing major Russian companies often give our special courses as well.

The tuition is based on the action-oriented methods that include business games and master classes. We are planning to invite leading scientists from other countries and to organize students’ internships abroad. Our students’ field placements and externships are organized with the view of their further employment.

To fund their research, our brightest students are awarded grants by the Russian Academy of Sciences, leading research foundations and business organizations.