Viktor Ivanovich KRUZHALIN - Pro-Rector

Head of Administrative Policy Department

Born: January, 21, 1950, Briansk.

Specialises in Geography and Geomorphology. Graduated from Lomonosov State University, Faculty of Geography in 1972. Candidate of Geography (1977). Doctor of Geography (2000).

Professor of the Geomorphology and Paleogeography Department (2000), Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Geography (1995), Pro-Rector (2003). Member of the MSU Academic Council (1996), Member of the Academic Council of the Faculty of Geography (1996). Viktor I. Kruzhalin delievers such courses of lectures as "Engineering Geography", "Engineering Geomorphology", "Applied and Ecological Aspects of Geomorphology ", "Marketing and Management in the Use of Natural Resources".

Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (2003), member of the Russian Academy of Astrnautics (2000), Corresponding Member of the Academy of Computerisation (1996) and the Academy of Ecology (2001). Member of the Accreditation Board of the Education Ministry (2001), member of the Russian Expert Council for Developing New Academic Specializations. (2002). Member of the Academic Council for Ecology of the Russian Education Ministry, The Academic Council for Geography, the Academic Council for Ecology and the Academic Council for Development of the Universities. Member of the Editorial Board of the magazines "Army and Navy" and "Economics and Management".

Viktor Kruzhalin is the Russian Federation Government Prize laureate (1997).

The scientific and academic interests of V. Kruzhalin cover such fields as: Engineering Geography, Engineering and Ecological geomorphology. He is the author of the theory and methods of the new applied branch of the Ecological Geomorphology. He also invented the method of engineering and geomorphologic analysis of the urban areas.

Candidate’s thesis: "The Structure of the River Net of the lake Khanka and its Evolution at the Period of Pleistocene". Doctoral thesis: "Ecological Geomorphology of the land (on the material of Russia)".

Viktor I. Kruzhalin has been a research supervisor to 2 seekers of Candidate Degree. He is the author of more than 120 publications, including 11 monographs and textbooks.