Alexander Vasilyevich MIKHALYOV - Pro-Rector

Head of "The 250th Anniversary of MSU" Committee

Born: November, 8 1940 in Briansk. Graduated from the Faculty of Mechnics and Mathematics of MSU (1961). Specialisation: mathematician.

Candidate of Physics and Mathematics (1967), Doctor of Physics and Mathematics (1990). Professor of the Higher Algebra Department (1992), Head of the Computational Methods Laboratory at the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics (1979). Head of the MSU New Information Technologies Centre (since establishment in 1989). Pro-Rector (1999), Head of the Faculty of Further Education (since establishment in1999).

Member of the Academic Councils of MSU, of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, of the Faculty of Further Education, member of the Expert Council of the Higher Attestation Commission, member of the MSU Special Council, member of the Expert Councils of the Russian Fund for Fundamental Research and Russian State University for the Humanities. Member of Administration of Moscow Mathematical Association. Member of the the Editorial boards of such journals as "I.G. Petrovsky Seminar Works", "Abel’s Groups and Modules", "Fundamental And Applied MAthematics", "Southeast Asian Bulletin of Mathematics", "Journal of Egyptian Mathematical Society".

Alexander Mikhalyov is a recipient of the Premium of the USSR Council of Ministers for Applied Research (1982), full member of the International High School Academy (1996) and the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (2002), the recipient of Presidential research grants. In 2003 he was entitled the Honorary Scholar of Russian Federation.

The range of scientific and academic interests covers algebra, (Ring Theory, Homological Algebra, Algebraic K-theory, Linear Groups, Semigroups, Topological Algebra, Differential Algebra, Computer Algebra); Computational and Coding Theory; Algebraic Measure Theory; Theory of Models and Foundation of Matematics; Mathematical modeling.

Alexander V. Mikhalyov has solved the Bair - Koplansky problem; the Schreier - Van-der Varden problem (together with I.Z. Golubchik). He has also worked out the multiplicative classification of rings, the theory of full orthogonal algebraic systems with applications in the theory of rings ond modules (together with K.I. Beidar); has solved the Herstein's problem (todether with K.I. Beidar, W. Martindale); has worked out the theory of dimensional differential and sparse multinomials of Gilbert - Einstein - Kolchin (Together with E.V. Pankratiev, A.V. Levin); homological classification of monoids (With L.A. Skorniakov, U. Knauer); topology continuation for rings of multinomials, semigroup and group rings (With V.I. Arnautov); codes and recurrent sequences for rings and modules (with A.A. Nechaev). Together with V.K. Zakharov he has solved the problem of Riss-Padon and has worked out the theory of mathematical systems and levels of foundation of Mathematics. He has solved the MAltsev problem of elementary equivalence of linear and algebraic groups (together with K.I. Beidar and E.I. Bunina); has worked out mathematical models of management of air ciculation.

Candidate’s thesis: "Isomorphisms of Semigroups of Modules’ Endomorphisms".

Doctor’s Thesis: "Endomorphisms of modules and the Multiplicative Structure of Rings".

Alexander Mikhalyov has been working at MSU for more than 35 years already. He has delivered such fundamental courses of lectures as "Linear Algebra and Elements of Functional Analysis", "Higher Algebra", "Linear Algebra and Geometry", "Algebra for Inservice Training", additional courses "General Algebra", "Additional Parts of Algebra", "Rings Theory and Homological Algebra", "Rings Theory". Since 1966 he has been also conducting seminars "Rings and Modules", and since 1967 - "Rings Theory, Homological and Computer Algebra".

He has been a research supervisor to 69 seekers of Candidate Degree, 9 seekers of Doctor Degree.

He is the author of more than 250 publications, including 9 monographs and 10 textbooks.

A. Mokhaliov's main publications: "Isomorphisms of semigroups of modules’ endomorphisms I, II" ("Algebra and Logics", V.5, 1966, P. 59-67; V.6, 1967, P. 38-47), "Orthogonal Full Systems" (The Academy of Sciences, N.6, 1986, p. 1304-1308), "Rings with Generalized Identities" (with K.I.Beidar, W.S.Martindale), Marcel Dekker, Inc., New York, 1996, xiv + 522 pp, "Introduction to Topological Rings and Modules" (together with V.I. Arnautov, S.T. Glavatsky), Marcel Dekker, Inc., New York, 1996, vi + 502 pp, "Links of Abel’s Groups and Their Rings of Endomorphisms" (), Tomsk, Tomsk state university, 2002, xii + 451 p., "Endomorphism Rings of Abelian Groups", (together with P.A. Krylov, А.А.Tuganbaev), Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, 2003, xii + 443 pp.