Nikolay V. Syomin


Born: December 18, 1969, Moscow

Graduated from MSU Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, majoring in Applied Mathematics (1992). Graduated from the evening part-time program of the Institute of Foreign Languages, majoring in English (1991). Completed post-graduate studies at the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics (1996).

Researcher, MSU Institute of Complex Systems Mathematical Research (1996); MSU Rector’s Assistant (1998); Co-Director, Russian-American Centre at SUNY, Albany, New York, USA (2000); Head of Protocol Department, MSU (2002)

The range of his scientific interests covers mathematical modeling of complex systems, Spectral Theory of Ordinary Differential Operators.

Nikolay V. Syomin is the leader of a scientific seminar at MSU Institute of Complex Systems Mathematical Research, he also delivers a course of Higher Mathematics to the students of the Faculty of World Politics

Hobbies: swimming, programming, Spanish.