Viktor Titovich TROFIMOV - Pro-Rector

Head of the General Affairs and MSU 250th Anniversary Celebration Preparation Department

Born: April, 11, 1937, Moscow.

Candidate of Geology and Mineralogy (1964), Doctor of Geology and Mineralogy (1976), Professor (1979), Head of the Engineering and Ecological Geology Department of the Faculty of Geology(1989), Pro-Rector (1992), Full Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (1992), Full member of the International Higher Education Academy of Sciences (1993).

He is a recipient of the Medal "For Valiant Labour" (1976), "For Success in Earth’s Interior Exploration" (1983), "Labour Veteran" (1986); " For the 850th Anniversary of Moscow" (1997); medal "For Excellent Earth’s Interior Exploration" (1979) and "Honorary Earth’s Interior Explorer" (1998). He is the USSR State prizes laureate (1977, 1988), State Russian Federation Prize laureate (1993), Lomonosov Prize laureate (1976), the Prize for Academic Activity laureate (2002). He is the Honorary Scholar of the Russian Federation (1998). He graduated from the MSU Faculty of Geology in Geology and Hydrogeology in 1960. His Academic activity is connected with the problems of Engineering and Ecological Geology.

Viktor T. Trofimov has discovered global laws and causes of the zonal changes in the engineering and geological conditions of the Earth. He also discovered the interrelationship between the peculiarities of the geological evolution of a region and modern heat and humidity conditions of the soil in their engineering and geological characteristics. Viktor T. Trofimov worked out the questions of evolution of compressibility of soils as their syn- or epigenetic feature. He also takes part in working on fundamental questions of Ecological Geology - a new branch of Geology, dealing with the problem of stability of the upper layers of the lithosphere against technical activity.

He delivers such courses of lectures to students of the Faculty of Geology: "Engineering Geology", "Soil Science", "Regional Engineering Geology", "Ecological Geology".

He has been a research supervisor to 21 seekers of Candidate Degree, 2 of his former students hold Doctoral Degree.

He is the author of more than 700 publications, including 300 monographs, 7 textbooks, a number of geological, engineering and geocriological maps.