Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we shifting to distance learning?
In order to prevent the spread of a new coronavirus infection in the Russian Federation, Lomonosov Moscow State University, as a preventive measure, is switching to distance learning.

Did Russia ban entry to foreign nationals?
Yes, entry to Russia for all foreign citizens has been temporarily suspended. The ban entered into force at midnight on March 18 and will last until May 1. But depending on the epidemiological state throughout the world, this period may be extended.

Can I travel back to my home country?
If the epidemiological situation in your country allows, you can make a decision to go home. You must report your decision to your study office (programme administrator) and the international department. And do not forget to take additional measures of self- protection in transport and on the way home. When deciding on leaving, it is necessary to take into account restrictions on entry into the Russian Federation for foreign citizens.

Can I continue my studies distantly if I leave the Russian Federation?
Yes, you can continue your studies at Lomonosov MSU in a remote format. Consult your study office (programme administrator) about how distance learning is organized. However, it should be remembered that Lomonosov MSU cannot guarantee the absence of technical difficulties with the use of educational distance technologies that arise not through the fault of Moscow University, but because of the level of development of the infrastructure or information policy of individual countries.

Is it possible to get into buildings of Moscow State University?
Yes, if necessary, you can get into any academic building of Moscow State University. But we recommend that you try to resolve all issues remotely whenever possible.

Are guests allowed into the dormitories of MSU?
At the moment, entry of guests into the dormitories of Moscow State University is suspended.

Should I buy and store extra products?
No, this is not necessary. In stores and supermarkets in Moscow, all goods are constantly supplied. Please, do not create an artificial deficit, and do not waste your money so that later you do not have to throw out expired products and food.