Vernadsky-Tambov consortium

On 29 July 2019 the agreement on the establishment of Vernadsky-Tambov consortium was solemnly signed by Rector of Lomonosov Moscow State University Victor A. Sadovnichy and Governor of the Tambov region Alexander V. Nikitin and Rector of Tambov State Technical University Michael N. Krasnyansky.

The consortium establishment is aimed at strengthening the all-Russian scientific and educational space, promoting scientific, technological and socio-economic development of the Tambov region, creating conditions and opportunities for self-realization and talents acknowledge of each citizen.

The Vernadsky–Tambov scientific and educational consortium implementation includes fundamental and applied research focused on the scientific, technological and socio-economic development of the regions. Already this year, it is planned to launch projects on the storage and processing of large amounts of data, the purification of technogenic waters from heavy metals and radionuclides, the development and use of multi-purpose greases with anti-wear additives based on graphene in the Arctic and the Far North.

In the long term, in 2020-2024 the main activities directions of the Vernadsky-Tambov scientific and educational consortium are:

  • establishment and implementation of joint educational programs (general and additional education);
  • development of mechanisms for search, support and maintenance of talented youth, improvement of targeted training (taking into account the priority directions of scientific and technological development of the region);
  • launching of professional development and retraining programs for scientific and pedagogical staff and heads of educational and scientific organizations aimed at the formation of competencies in the field of innovation and technological development of regions, digital economy, high technologies;
  • increasing the activity of the business environment in the region.

On 26 April 2018 President of the Russian Rectors’ Union Academician Victor A. Sadovnichy proposed a project for the creation of the Vernadsky regional scientific and educational consortium at the 11th Congress of the Russian Rectors’ Union which was held in Saint Petersburg. The project will unite leading and several regional universities, research institutes and socially-oriented federal and regional business. This initiative was supported by President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and approved by delegates of the 11th Congress of the Russian Rectors’ Union.