Research Priorities in Sciences and Humanities at Moscow State University

Research Priorities in Sciences at MSU:
Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics

  1. Algebra, number theory, and mathematical logic
  2. Geometry and topology
  3. Modern mathematical analysis
  4. Differential equations and mathematical physics
  5. Computational mathematics and programming
  6. Discrete mathematics and artificial intelligence
  7. Theory of probabilities and mathematical statistics
  8. Problems in history and methodology of mathematics, mechanics, and math education
  9. Liquid, gas and plasma mechanics
  10. Mechanics of solids
  11. Analytical mechanics, motion stability, control and optimization problems
  12. Mechanics of multiphase medium
  13. Mechanics of composites

Research Priorities in Sciences at MSU:
Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics

  1. Differential equations in mathematical physics
  2. Theory of probabilities and mathematical statistics
  3. Mathematical modelling and applied mathematics methods
  4. Mathematical methods of studying non-linear controlling systems and processes
  5. Theory, methods, and software

Research Priorities in Sciences at MSU:
Faculty of Physics

  1. Mathematics
  2. Condensed matter physics
  3. Optics and laser physics
  4. Radio physics and electronics; acoustics
  5. Plasma physics
  6. Nuclear physics
  7. Heat-mass exchange, hydrodynamics, gas dynamics, plasma dynamics
  8. Life sciences
  9. Earth sciences
  10. Development of education

Research Priorities in Sciences at MSU:
Faculty of Chemistry

  1. Developing new methods of partition, concentration and identification of small quantities of organic and inorganic substances in the environment, food stuff and biomedical objects.
  2. Modern problems of chemistry and physical chemistry of high molecular compounds
  3. Physical-chemical mechanics of solid and dispersion systems: molecular mechanisms of Rebinder's Effect: influence of ambience on interaction of dispersion particles and structurization
  4. Research in the field of laser-induced physical-chemical processes
  5. Inorganic chemistry as the basis for developing new generations of functional materials
  6. Developing efficient methods of teaching sciences, chemistry in particular
  7. Modern methods of physical-chemical analysis in examining the diagrams of complex systems conditions
  8. Molecular design of organic structures and organic reactions; research, synthesizing, and testing new organic compounds developed for practical purposes
  9. Element-organic compounds as reagents and catalysts in the synthesis of organic and organo- metallic compounds
  10. Radionuclids and tagged compounds in chemistry and biology
  11. Tracer diagnostics of chemical processes and materials
  12. Dosemetry and radioactivity of the environment
  13. Structure and dynamics of atomic-molecular systems
  14. Chemical thermodynamics
  15. Catalysis, physical chemistry of surface
  16. Physical-chemical basics of partition and purification of materials and isotopes
  17. Chemistry of high pressure condition
  18. Chemistry of energy-intensive and coal graphite materials
  19. New approaches to the problem of hydrocarbons natural resources rational use
  20. Organic chemistry of nucleic acids and NC-protein complexes
  21. Chemical methods of studying the structure and function of complex RN-proteins
  22. Kinetics and mechanisms of photochemistry, cryochemistry and catalytic processes and developing new materials and technologies on the basis of organized molecular systems
  23. Developing new technological systems to process chemical raw materials and fuel: the concept of safe technosphere
  24. Chemical enzymology
  25. Electrochemistry
  26. Organic systems radiation chemistry

Research Priorities in Sciences at MSU:
Faculty of Biology

  1. Physical-chemical basis of biology and biotechnologies
  2. Mechanisms of physiological activity, development, and stability of humans and animals
  3. General biology and ecology

Research Priorities in Sciences at MSU:
Faculty of Bioengineering and Bioinformatics

  1. Biochemical functions of breathing
  2. Ferments bioengineering

Research Priorities in Sciences at MSU:
Faculty of Soil Science

  1. Soil evolution and functioning in natural and anthropogenic landscape
  2. Ecological-functional and evolutionary-genetic geography of soil
  3. Role of soil microorganisms in bio-sphere functions of soils
  4. Chemical basis of soil formation, fertility and chemical monitoring
  5. Diagnostics and evaluation of ecological condition of soil and biocenose under different land-use
  6. Theory and methods of research of physical characteristics and processes in topsoil and energy-mass-exchange within the soil-plant-atmosphere system
  7. Genesis and melioration of soil
  8. Radio-ecology of overland ecosystems
  9. Current fertility state of different types of soil and agrochemical methods of its reproduction
  10. Soil erosion regularities and the role of erosion in erosion-prone landscapes ecology
  11. Ecological monitoring of sod-podzol soil in Moscow suburbs
  12. Information support for developing agro technologies and rational nature management
  13. Ecological standardization; natural and man-transformed soil and land resources evaluation

Research Priorities in Sciences at MSU:
Faculty of Geology

  1. Composition, construction, evolution, and geodynamics of lithosphere (the deep structure of continents and oceans; geodynamics, tensing condition of subsoil and disastrous processes; geospheres interaction; problems of the Cambrian period; evolution of the organic world)
  2. Geology and geochemistry of combustible fossils (problems of oil and gas; fluids in the terrestrial cortex)
  3. Conditions of formation and regularities of occurrence of natural resources deposits (Mineral-raw materials problems of geo-economics; genetic particularities of gold deposits)
  4. Occurrence and distribution of the chemical elements in the Earth, physical-chemical processes of minerals, rock and ore formation in geo-spheres (physical-chemical nature of processes in geo-spheres; fluids and formation of magma in the terrestrial cortex and mantle; ecological and search geochemistry; the synthesis of crystals with unique characteristics; crystal chemistry)
  5. Problems of engineering and ecological geology, hydrogeology and geocryology (geology of the environment; underground water resources, their dynamics and protection; fresh underground water resources; condition of cryolithizone and forecasting its development)
  6. Theory and methodology of lithosphere geophysical research

Research Priorities in Sciences at MSU:
Faculty of Geography

  1. Evolution and operation of geo-systems and resources of land surfaces
  2. Complex research of the climate, the World Ocean and fresh water; processes of interaction of the hydrosphere, atmosphere, lithosphere and biosphere in the past and in the present
  3. Ecologic-geographical analysis of anthropogenic changes of landscapes and their components
  4. The spatial structure of world economy and socio-economic and geopolitical activity in Russia and other countries
  5. Geography of unfavourable and threatening natural processes: theory and practice
  6. Theory and methodology of geographical cartography, geo-informatics and remote monitoring of natural and social-economic geo-systems
  7. Theory and methodology of geography and its branches; interaction between nature and society

Research Priorities in Sciences at MSU:
Faculty of Materials Science

  1. Developing new generation nanomaterials and nanotechnologies
  2. Developing new types of functional materials
  3. The use of non-linear dynamics methods to solve materials science problems
  4. Developing the university system of training highly qualified specialists in materials science

Research Priorities in Sciences at MSU:
Faculty of Fundamental Medicine

  1. Research of mechanisms of free radical pathology of cells
  2. Metabolism changes under extreme exposure
  3. Research of mechanisms of organism adaptation to oxygen deficit and other environmental factors
  4. Research of central and peripheral mechanisms of blood pressure regulation with the goal of pharmacological correction of the hypertensive state
  5. Research of reception and intracellular signalizing in the heart and blood vessels cells