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Research Priorities in Sciences and Humanities at Moscow State University

Research Priorities in the Humanities at MSU:
Faculty of History

  1. Methodology, historiography, source study in historical research and special historical disciplines
  2. History of ancient people and first states on the territory of Russian Federation. Medieval city and its environs: archaeological data
  3. History of political systems in Russia, Europe and America
  4. Economic and social processes in Russia. Socio-economic history of European countries and America
  5. History and theory of Russian culture and world culture
  6. History of Moscow State University
  7. Ethnic processes: past and present. Problems of inter-ethnic relations
  8. Foreign policy: the history of international relations
  9. International labour movement and liberation movement
  10. Historical politology
  11. New information technologies and mathematical methods in historical research and in teaching history
  12. Writing textbooks

Research Priorities in the Humanities at MSU:
Faculty of Philology

  1. The Russian language: history, dialectology and current state. Socio-linguistic aspects
  2. Description of the modern Russian language for the purposes of teaching it as a foreign language; methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language
  3. The folklore of Russia and of the world: history, theory, current state. Integrated field studies
  4. Theory of linguistics; history of linguistics
  5. Theory of literature; historical poetics
  6. General and applied lexicography
  7. Theory and history of Russian culture, comparative studies of languages and cultures
  8. History of the Russian literary process in XI-XX centuries; its development in modern times
  9. Poetics and typology of Russian and national literatures. History of national literatures
  10. History and current state of German and Celtic languages
  11. History and current state of Romance languages
  12. History and current state of Slavonic languages
  13. Classical philology: ancient languages, literature, culture. Source studies
  14. Comparative literary studies
  15. The language of mass media

Research Priorities in the Humanities at MSU:
Faculty of Philosophy

  1. Ontology and cognition theory
  2. Philosophy and methodology of science
  3. Theoretical and applied logic
  4. Social philosophy and the philosophy of history
  5. Philosophic ethics and moral culture
  6. Aesthetics and the philosophy of art
  7. History of classical and modern philosophy
  8. History of Russian philosophy
  9. History and theory of world culture
  10. Religious studies within the system of philosophical knowledge
  11. International political processes and political processes in Russia
  12. Theoretical politology
  13. History of social-political theories
  14. Political psychology
  15. State policy of Russia in the information sphere

Research Priorities in Social Sciences at MSU:
Faculty of Economics

  1. Developing economic theory on the basis of systemic analysis of historical and present-day reality
  2. Institutional organization of economic systems
  3. Russian model of market economy
  4. Globalization of world economy and Russia
  5. Human potential development and social policy in Russia

Research Priorities in Social Sciences at MSU:
Faculty of Law

  1. The state and the law in the transition period
  2. Sociology of divergent behavior
  3. Current problems of juvenile delinquency
  4. Financial-legal regulation in the insurance sphere (comparative legal aspect)

Research Priorities in the Humanities at MSU:
Faculty of Journalism

  1. Journalism and mass communication in the information society: development tendencies and problems
  2. Mass media system, structure and methods in transitional society
  3. The history of journalism
  4. Theory and sociology of journalism
  5. Theory of mass and corporate communications
  6. Journalism and literature in globalizing culture
  7. The language of journalism and mass communication

Research Priorities in Social Sciences at MSU:
Faculty of Psychology

  1. Methodology, theory and history of psychology
  2. Developing methods and techniques of modern psychology
  3. General regularities and individual / specific features in psychological development, education and instruction of a person / of an individual
  4. Psychic health: the norm /standards, deviations, diagnostics, correction
  5. Psychology of
  6. Psychology of social groups and organizations
  7. Psychology of cognitive processes: general psychological, psycho-physiological, neuro- psychological and social- psychological aspects
  8. Individual in emergency: diagnostics, correction, psychological assistance
  9. Psychology of developing tolerance
  10. Cultural-historical psychology of personality and consciousness

Research Priorities in the Humanities at MSU:
The Institute of Asian and African Studies

  1. Interaction between Eastern and Western cultures in world history
  2. Economics, policy and international relations of Asian and African countries
  3. Eastern linguistics
  4. Theory and history of Eastern literatures

Research Priorities in Social Sciences at MSU:
Faculty of Sociology

  1. Globalization of social processes
  2. Information society
  3. Russia in the globalization context
  4. Solidarity
  5. Social security
  6. Social ecology
  7. Social conflicts
  8. Tolerance
  9. Social systems stability and security

Research Priorities in the Humanities at MSU:
Faculty of Foreign Languages

  1. Crosscultural communication
  2. Optimization of foreign language teaching
  3. Regional studies and international relations
  4. The Russian language in the modern world
  5. Comparative studу of languages and theory of translation
  6. Comparative study of civilizations, cultures and literatures
  7. Theory and practice of lexicography
  8. Language for specific purposes

Research Priorities in Social Sciences at MSU:
Faculty of Public Administration

  1. Administration theory and administration technologies
  2. Public administration
  3. Social sphere management
  4. Crisis management
  5. Transformation of Russian economy and the state
  6. Philosophical problems of science

Research Priorities in Sciences and Humanities at MSU:
Faculty of Education

  1. Modern educational technologies
  2. Theory of singular disturbed differential equations systems. Time phenomenon
  3. Humanization and humanitarization of education

Research Priorities in Sciences and Humanities at MSU:
Faculty of Further Education

Centre for New Information Technologies

  1. Information technologies in education and research

Certified Accountants and Auditors Pre-service and In-Service Training Centre

  1. International Accounting Standards introduction into Russian accounting practices

The Institute of Inservice Training for Lecturers in Arts and Social Studies

  1. Current problems in the philosophy of science
  2. Research and education management
  3. Theoretical basis of national economy and the development of Russian national economy model
  4. Improving methods of teaching economic theory in universities
  5. Geopolitics and global problems today
  6. Regional social-political technologies in the development of Russia
  7. The history of Russia and the history of world civilizations
  8. The analysis of cultural communications
  9. Innovative technologies in teaching social-economic disciplines and the humanities in universities

Research Priorities in the Humanities at MSU:
Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts

  1. General theory and history of arts

Research Priorities in Social Sciences at MSU:
Faculty of World Politics

  1. Long-term and mid-term tendencies in the development of political, military and economic situation on the post-Soviet territory
  2. Theoretical and applied problems of using military power in modern world politics
  3. The role of nuclear containment in ensuring the national security of Russia and international strategic stability
  4. Long-term changes in the structure of world politics: world powers and the national interests of Russia